MySensor lib doesn't work with an chip nrfl24l01/SE8R01

  • Good morning,
    I use MySensor lib in my home automation and it work well (thank to the wonderful library).
    I recently bought a new "compatible" transceiver nrfl24l01 module (smaller cheaper) based on chip SE8R01.

    Unfortutnatly (of course) it doesn't work !!. Due to a difference into an buffer size.
    Do you know the change to apply to the RF24 library to make it compatible with this module.

    Many Thanks, FC

  • Admin

    We're using this RF24 fork.

    We might ping the author @TMRh20Projects who visits the forum on some occasions.

  • Thank you for you help, but i have alway the same issue.

    I copied this files (from nRF24L01.h, RF24.cpp, RF24.h RF24_config.h into my MySensors\Utility library.
    But it doesn't work .
    Have you an idea of the problem ?.
    I have tested with :

    • SerialGateway
    • SwitchSensor

    Best regards, FC

    nota : With the "normal" nrf24l01 module it's work well.

  • Admin


    According to this site, se8r01 uses another onair format, and is NOT compatible with nrf24l01(+).

    So I don't think that you'll get any success including it in your existing network with nrf24 modules.

    If you used an se8r01 as gateway, together with sensors that uses the same transciever, you might have some luck.

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