Insect night!

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    Found my lights on way to early this evening... thought it was to bright outside and wanted to check on sensor... found a bug/beatle the size of a half fingenail trying to steal some warmth from the sensor... right on top of the photoled 🙂

    Well, thats that... went down to upgrade my repeaternode with some delay... opened it up and found a earwig inside 🙂

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    Thrips? They are so small that they can get into anything. We get a invasion every year here in Skåne (south of Sweden) when the rapeseed blossom. Many false alarms during that period.

  • 2 of my sensors have been up only a month now and i have spiders and i snail on the there a mysensors example that can counnt how many bugs a bug zapper kills in 24 hours lol

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    They dont bother me anymore - Im born and grew up in west Skåne and know all about those little creatures... couldnt even have framed pictures on the walls - they got inside and died leaving a picture with black stripes everywhere...

    Now i live more northeast in Skåne... only mosquitos... dont like them either though...

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    I have had one of those thrips / thunderbugs "embedded" in my laptop screen for the last 4 years.. Have thought about disassembling the screen to remove it, but now I am used to it being there, so don't notice it in daily use..

  • Ahh..That seems to be the "green it" everyone speaking of a few years ago. 😉