Find an error.

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    Is it some one can see if there is an error , or it could be made in a different or better wayUdklip119.PNG

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    @jesper: I have not much time to check everything but it seems a nice design πŸ˜‰

    Just one or two things, as I recognize some things πŸ˜ƒ I have not uploaded my 1.1 design yet, so :

    • for pmosfet (radio and sensors) you could go for cheap CJ2305 on ali (which I use) or very good DMP3056L-7 too (Anticimex uses these).
    • for pmosfet (radio and sensors). I have removed 100ohms res. I had some trouble, strange. But I let the footprint in case, so now it is 0 ohms.
    • if you want something low power, check your batt sensor. Res divider will consume lot of uA. So prefer use higher res, or better put it on VCC_Sensors πŸ˜‰ (it is something I missed on my booster divider 😠 but changed on my 1.1, so I use high res for my 1.0 boards I have in stock).

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    You could drop the pmos for the radio. Radio consumes around 15-20mA , and the maximum output current for the atmega is 40mA per pin (If I remember right).

    Then just connect the VCC of the radio, to a digital io pin on the atmega itself. 3 components saved..

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    I completely agree with @tbowmo πŸ˜‰
    but in other hand it depends on which radio you plan to use..rfm69w can consumes 45mA max in TX and HW version much more 130mA max in TX.
    but for nrf, arduino pin is better strategy I think. big dilemma!

  • I thank you for the good advice .
    If I had had one, to make such a print what the price would be? .
    Anybody know a place where you can get made ​​sheet to board

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    For small amount prototype I use OSHPark. Just drop Eagle BRD file, cost is 5 USD / square inch (transportcost is included).

    For more boards I go to Dirty PCB (but then you need to generate gerberfiles):

    To check the exported GERBER files I use the following gerber viewer (in 3D!):

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    @GertSanders: I do the same like you πŸ˜ƒ and I like mayhew too, very fun. another tool i use sometimes is zofzpcb, not bad too, but mayhew is so great. but just one thing. in your design I don't think you could have the problem, but maybe in future who knows..

    Once, one of my design was ok with mayew, oshpark but when I looked at Seeedstudio gerber preview, switching between top/bottom and drills, there was a micro offset. I didn't understand at the moment. it was not distinguable in mayhew, nor in oshpark preview. So who design was well 0;0 aligned in eagle...but when I zoomed a lot I saw that my bitmap import added a very micro text silkscreen, out of the board. Seeed was right!

    So now when I check gerbers, I check multiple ways to be sure. Seeedstudio gerber preview does not look good, but it is easier sometimes to see this kind of offset.

    I hope it can be useful. I just share what I noticed once πŸ˜‰

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    @scalz: good tip! I prefer to triple check before committing to a pcbmaker.