An Esp8266 Nextion Scene controller??

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    Hi guys 😃

    I have played with Nextion HMI controller, but for the moment with 8bit arduino only.
    But I want to have something that I can use for lots of purpose like heater, scene controller, mqtt...(and for my job too, so I can prototype and have a working touch display with connectivity faster..).
    So last night, I started, and "finished" to route something for this. I need to check everything on breadboard before I order it and to get nextion lib working with esp8266. So I will try it today, I hope to have not too much pain.
    Does someone already use it with esp???


    • esp8266-12F (the module only). I wanted to use a nodemcu module at first but if the HMI is 2.8 or 3.2, and antenna needs to be outside the board, and the usb on edge, so nodemcu is not elastic lol.
    • micro usb for sketch (but there is ota too of course) and power
    • an optional screwterminal for power
    • a connector for Nextion HMI of course
    • connectors for OneWire, I2C, and aliexpress SI7021 and BH1750 (why not there is some place..)
    • connector for radio (nrf or rfm, just use an adapter)
    • atsha. Here I am using the i2c soic chip. I know it is not compliant with @Anticimex stuff. But it is for future, when I will be boring I will try to make a lib lol
    • usb chip is CH340G. I know it is not the best but it's cheap
    • all components on one side

    this time I have tried to be "noob compliant" 😃 So all is handsolderable 1206 and through hole...

    Few screenshots, it may change (I will rearrange traces a little bit, I was hurry to sleep!) and I have to speed up all my designs to order before chinese new year, argh!

    These screenshots are for the 2.8" version. I will do a 3.2", not big task now. I will use some 4x 6mm washer between this board and the nextion.

    I wanted to make a 3d preview with the custom box, hmi...but was lazy, it was too late!
    I will use this as a basis and change it little bit, and make the rest of the box as it is the cover only:

    One thing I am wondering is: nextion on top or on bottom??? for the moment nextion will be above si7021 and bh1750 boards.

    What do you think? no matter I will try it , one board more or less now.. 😆

    @hek: about What's your strategy? Do we have to use the new platform, or hardware section + new platform (+ github, gloups!)? In the other hand, can I use the new platform if I use Eagle (not opensource, and no time for kicad unfortunately...). I think it's maybe a dumb a question..and it's just a matter of taste.

    Any feedback is always appreciated 😉

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    Cool! And the future addition of a ATSHA driver that supports I2C would be great! The only files that would need adaptations are libraries\MySensors\drivers\ATSHA204\ATSHA204.cpp (for the library driver) and libraries\sha204\sha204_library.cpp (for the personalization driver).

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    hi @Anticimex 😄

    thx for your advice. you are right, it will "just" be a matter of reading carefully the datasheet and adapt the code. I'm lucky, you have already done most of the work 👍

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    Hehe, thanks. But at that layer, I have not done much. It is more a matter of adding a new transport layer next to the existing swi driver. But the driver is heavily tailored towards swi use, so there will be some tinkering needed down there. But at least it is isolated to a relatively small portion of the codebase.

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    for fun, few pics of the proto board...
    I have not dev lot of things yet with it but it works with minor fix except I am trying to do sort of a thermostat gui but design is not my best 😆
    when i did it I made a non smart choice... to92 😳 ugly isn't it! I did that because I wanted it easy/fast handsolderable (1206+through hole) but I should have done all through hole in this case, I should have slept more I think 😫 lol I have discovered that other people have done great/smart boards like this one too...tough! I have mine, different features with few things I could do better....but I will the changes on design files.

    there is an onboard lipo charger too, so I can use usb only, usb+lipo and charging...

    Now pics:
    the big component on bottom is a fuse for usb, I forgot to order smt version
    for fun, could look better 😊

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    @scalz said:

    about What's your strategy? Do we have to use the new platform, or hardware section + new platform (+ github, gloups!)? In the other hand, can I use the new platform if I use Eagle (not opensource, and no time for kicad unfortunately...). I think it's maybe a dumb a question..and it's just a matter of taste.

    Opps, missed that one.

    The idea is to use whatever tool you'd like. I'm trying to make it recognise CAD design files from all major brands (commercial included). But it might be good to upload the Gerbers along with your cad source files so people have a chance to actually build upon your work.
    Keeping everything in a github repo will help your with the versioning bit. To update OpenHardware when you push something, just requires a push on the refresh-button (I will do a daily scan of all connected repos eventually).

    So yes, use Eagle!.. they have a free version if I remember correctly?

    Your proto board (and Nextion screenshots) looks great BTW!

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    @hek thx 🙂 yes you are right. I just miss time for moment😞 when it's time to clean&doc (and support) I'm lazy! what happens to me??? cooking too much things, I need help 😆

  • @scalz
    Oh my Nextion are still located on my desk in their original shipping case ;-(

    Great job, next time we'll see you'd be able to show me how to use them 😉

    By the way where to you get your blue PCB ? The blue I have from ElectroDragon does not looks so good. But the Red they have, rock 😉

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    @Charly86 hi 🙂 yes I hope soon!
    my pcb comes from Elecrow. but I'm not affiliated yet lol. sometimes I like seeed too. I should try Electrodragon in future why not. thx for the tips about dtr for flashing t962 😉

  • You finally spent $200 for a T962 😉 happy with it ? At this price worth having one

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    hihi. yes very happy! you're right for the price and still don't understand why chinese have not done yet all changes advised by unified!!! after changes done, it's very cool!
    some other things on my toOrder: a hot air for rework (in case), and need to tinker a small solder paster dispenser with stepper motor (can be useful when I have no stencil). but stencil+reflow, wow so fast! chrono stenciling 5-10min, reflow cooking 5min, and "hand" pick&place depends how I am organized but it's a lot faster than handsoldering + no more fear 🙂 But this board is handsoldered, 1206 is pretty fast to do..

  • I always had pain for solder paste dispenser (that's a shame because has you said, you do not always have stencils) because the solder always stay on the top of the dispenser and not on the pad, but may be I'm doing wrong but tried a lot of position !!

    What solder paste are you using ? leaded or not ? I needed to change settings for leaded because it needs to be approx 250°C and it's difficult to calibrate (oven says 250 but really ?), and at this temp sometime the PCB change it color a little bit due to excessive heating.

    What I noticed also at 250°C (didn't tried on leaded) is that heating is not uniform, I mean on a big PCB solder paste does not melt on corners, good to know, but not fun, I could increase temp and time but PCB will change it's color more and more 😉

    That said, T962 for leaded is really good, but attention need to be taken with lead free solder paste, reach the limits 😉

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    I am using leaded chipquick SMD291AX Type3. Works well for the moment with 44pinVQFN fine 0.5 pitch. For smaller pitch, I think type4 or 5 is better (but more expensive) and I don't need it yet! I have not tried the reflow with cheap chinese paste yet. I have seen cheaper solder paste at RS (multicore) but not tried yet. I wanted to have all chance on my side that's why I read lot of reviews, choosed leaded + chipquick. I was a little bit disapointed because I had to order at digikey for the solderpaste, as mouser don't ship it..
    Before using the reflow, I did multiple test, to check how the t962 was heating and then I tried to reproduce solderpaste curve. then tried with few old pcb to look after some burning, tuned a little bit the curve and then it was ok on my first real reflow 🙂 Thx for your feedback 😉 can't wait to tinker together... 🙂

  • Yeah shipping solder paste needs some special shipping such keep it into "freeze" state, may be why, when it come from DK it's really well packed to handle this!

    Sure tinkering will be great, not sure we'll have enough days for this 😉

  • I know the thread is getting old, but I had to say Scalz I love the work you have done on this project!

    Beautiful renders and a great board in the end. How many hours do you have in that PCB design? What is your rate for a similar board with the a few minor modifications? I don't mean to offend, and that's not to say your board is not perfect, I am just interested in adding a radio module sort of.

    Thank you for sharing, this thread that finally got me to register with the site. I have merely been a visitor for over a year now, but this was a great project.

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    @Joshua-Nulton thx 🙂
    I don't remember for the time as i don't count, but it was not personnaly the hardest 😉 because there was enough room. I made it because I was thinking it could be everywhere as there is also i2c temp/hum/light sensors onboard.

    Nextion is really nice, but it's not a mobile phone screen or oled. For this applicatio, imho it could render better using a cheap tablet with a nice wood or metal frame connected to controller. A little dilemma. I have not finished to design a case btw. too much things 🙂 and add to this, I have a made a custom discrete multisensors for indoor with pir/temp/hum/lux...

    So for the moment, I am only using one. for multiple things. I tried it for thermostat feedback through mqtt etc.. but I have a controller which does thermostat, and it's cool on mobile too.
    Actually i have it connected to a signal generator (ad9850 like) and use nextion to config/change waveforms, for testing etc.. connected to a lipo. sort of fun&basic digital instrument (even if i have a better one).

    what changes would you like to see for instance? if i remember right, I can't use all features if radio module as esp8266 lacks of pins. I think i will redesign it as soon as i can get an esp32, just for fun, 😉

  • Peter Scargill made a Esp8266 PCB for Nextion here

  • @Didi you mean this one? ;)))


  • 👍

  • Hmm hey sorry for dumb question especially since it's a super old post but I don't seem to find a link to the eagle/cad documents or a way to buy this shield. I have Nextion 2.4, 3.2" and some enhanced version too.

    Let me know if I missed the buy button or a way to get the fritzing/eaglecad I can change myself and maybe adapt to my sousvide and thermostat project :).

    Help Please,

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