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    I want to re-use two old 433MHz wall plugs (it is an older version of these).

    I can take out all that is in there and replace it with my own stuff.

    However, the thing obviously (EU) has 230 volts and nothing else.

    I am new to this so the question is: what is the (best) way to bring the 230 volts down to what the board (Pro Mini), radio and the relay switch need?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hmm, I thought of that as well but I did not find any of these at 2A.
    Will (have to) look further now that I know they exist because this supplier does not ship to Germany :(


    Edit: found this one here

  • You can also just use transmitter of 433MHz wave and send commands to the wall plug.
    I have all the plugs maintained like that.

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    Hi Andriej,

    I won't do that because I have experienced quite some issues with that frequency.
    Some of my neighbours use the same frequency and I have had my (kitchen) light go on and off without doing anything (or even being home) too many times with these 2 devices.
    That is why I decided to re-use their housing but not the technology...

    But, thank you for the suggestion!



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