NodeId, ChildId and EEPROM

  • Hye everybody!
    I have a trouble...

    (The sketch used is RelayActuator)

    If a clear my eeprom with the sketch in the example, and if i upload a new sketch after, nothing appened. Zero message in the serial gateway and zero message in the serial of the sensor.
    If i specify a NodeId, nothing else...

    The solution : i clear eeprom with the original sketch of arnduino (with 0 and not 255 or 0xff) and upload a new sketch, messages are send.

    If i specify a NodeId, the message is : 1;255;0;0;18;1.4
    Is there a problem with my childId? why 255? and why there isn't the sketch name which appear in the serial gateway? Why is there no message when i clear EEPROM whith the "official" method?

    I don't understand.

    Please help me!!!!

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