Smart home switch touch screen hack?

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    Hi i was browsing AliExpress when i ran into this wall mounted touch screen

    It has very nice icons which can be order customized. These panels are meant to interact with other panels. Apparently there is some serial protocol for communicating between two panels. I was thinking to decode this protocol with an Arduino so it can be used as a scene controller within the MySensors network.

    But if can not find any protocol description nor a "hacking"-guide for these panels. Does anyone has more information?
    About the protocol which is been used ? RC485?
    It has to be some kind of serial-bus protocol since up to 8 panels can be connected and they communicate bi-directional

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    It looks nice and it seems like there is also a remote control for the panel but it does not say how this remote communicates. Anyhow at that price you might as well stick a 7" android on the wall as your scene controller.

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    They do look nice, but it seems that they have a standardized icon / layout, that can't be changed.

    I would like to have the possibility to display arbitrary information on my dashboard / scene controller, so I'm creating a webpage mimicking a "weatherstation type display", and plan on using a cheap wall mounted tablet for the interface. this will also make any updates to functionality on the scene controller easy, as it's just a website that needs updating.

    preliminary proof of concept is at Backend is a mix of domoticz / node-red / python webservices..

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