Esp8266 with wifi off

  • Hello,
    I have a small question and maybe someone else already knows the answer.
    For testing i want to use a esp8266 (esp12 /nodemcu board) with a nrf24L01+) as a GW (serial).
    I have this working but i want to shut down the WIFI completely what instruction i have to use for this?


    I don't know exactly and also while testing i was pinging the wrong ip so i got a little confused ;-)
    What i basicly want to do is use the esp as a high performance GW/node.
    So any suggest are welcome.

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    Make sure you include this in your sketch

    #include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

    Then add the following lines at the beginning of your setup()


    It should totally disable ESP WiFi functions and basically you end up with an arduino nano.

  • @emc2

    Tnx spot on :thumbsup:

    Before i measure 88mA and now ~ 30mA. In reality the profit (% saving) will be even higher. The test setup is with all node mcu hardware so there will definitly be a higher gain with a "bare" esp.
    As for some may ask: why use a esp (nodeMCU) as a arduino?
    -"Solid" Integrated 3v3 regulator
    -Good RF design(shielding)
    -USB RS232 interface
    -High processing power (if needed).

    -I could not get the wifi gateway rock solid (compared to the RS232) .
    From the moment domoticz disconnect (or the ESP lost connection) there was no communication anymore without an intervention to domoticz.


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    :thumbsup: sounds good. The processing power and memory would allow for a (basic) controller functionality.

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