Constant Pushing messages

  • I have a project I am looking to do that requires data pushed from my router roughly every 1 second via mqtt. I have considered using an esp8266 and just subscribe to it. But that means another IP'd device on the network. So I considered using mysensors. But didn't know if anyone else has any nodes that may be receiving/sending updates that fast.


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    @Jason-Brunk I was just playing with a node that receives 60 messages each second....gateway is an ESP8266.

  • oh wow. no issues?

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    @Jason-Brunk none at all. (much) higher speeds should be possible (1 Mhz speed, 32+ bytes/message). Congestion could take place when a lot of different sensors are pushing information on the same radio channel.

  • so my 1 message a second is literally like nothing as far as the mysensors RF protocol is concerned. Shouldn't impact at all?

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