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  • Running a genuine uno with nrf radio and dht22 sensors. Runs about 12 or so hours then drops sending. Hitting reset button makes it reconnect and instantly update. Any ideas?

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    @Jim-Danforth power supply problem is the most common cause. How is the Uno powered? How is the nrf powered? Powering the nrf from the 3.3V Uno output has been problematic for some users, a separate power supply may be required. Are you using a capacitor close to the nrf?

    A troubleshooting diagram is available here

  • @mfalkvidd

    I agree that powering the nrf via the uno's onboard 3.3V can be problematic. Unfortunately I experience the same issues with my pro-mini's and here the nrf's are powered via an external 3.3V LDO voltage regulator (MCP1700, TO-92). Now and then a sensor or repeater simply stops.
    Cut and paste from Jim Danforth: 😃 Hitting reset button makes it reconnect and instantly update.

    I've never tested my nrf's (china, ebay) but I guess this could be the source of the problems we're experiencing.

    I think it's worth trying the quality meter as discussed in this tread



  • @boozz I moved the unit closer and it stayed up a few days just fine. Had to reset the gateway, and it did not come back until I reset the sensor unit. So apparently, once it fails to call home, its goes quiet.

  • Still hoping for a solution. Does the sensors not try to find home again if it loses it until a reset?

  • Still no solution. I set the 2 units side-by-side. Works for 4 hours, then just disappears.

  • I remember that there is a parameter for the MySensors library that stops sending after I think 3 false sendings.

    I think you can disable this "feature" but currently I have no idea how to do this.

  • That sounds like a legitimate thought. If anyone knows where that parameter is, and how to disable, that would be excellent. I wonder if Longer sleep times, would be more apt to skip a temporary issue, rather than a rapidfire re-attempt, triggering that 3 miss limit.

  • well i have the same issues with my network.
    my last operation was to replace the repeaters with big 9dbi antenna and nano io shield which give the nrf direct power from the 12v socket (through 3.3 reg' of course).

    and still losing contact from time to time.

    **next phases **

    • 1 wrapping the tinfoil shield discussed here
    • 2 adding relay to software reset the arduino (gnd and rst connected to relay - like arduino pressing its own reset button)
      * 3 replacing nrf with rfm69-433mhz - some say theyre better although require some soldering wires and logic converters (i'm waiting for my order from ebay to arrive.)

    about this library fail attempts modification - i didnt find something, but maybe MySensor.h has something in it - but i need some proffesional eyes here,

    BTW my setup is domoticz on Rpi, S-GW, E-GW, most nodes with nano-io-shiedl + nrf-pa-lna, library v1.5

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