Using just the serial interface

  • I just started with MySensors and Domoticz
    I have a Arduino Micro Pro with a ATmega32u4 that I understand now that isn't supported by MySensor library. I tried first to use the whole MySensor lib first but that destroyed the bootloader. Repared now....

    I neither need to have any radio gateway functionality so the idea was to just use the serial interface to communicate to Domoticz/Controller. So I implemented some messages from 2.0 API. And something shows up in Domoticz but it doesn't really work so I guess that there are more APIs that needs to be implemented but which ones?
    Are there any documentation that describes the handshake sequence?

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    @still could you describe how MySensors could affect the bootloader? To my knowledge, the bootloader is always unaffected but maybe there is something we need to warn people about.

  • @mfalkvidd sure....
    I just took the example EnergeMeterPulseSensor.ino compiled and flashed it. It looked to work at some amount.
    But when I have the sensor on an analog input rather a digital input I had to do some changes. So when I was to download the changed version at the first time it wasn't possible. It failed. So after some tries I reflashed the bootloader. And now I could download again
    But only once.... Then it failed again. So reflash the bootloader again and it worked.. once....
    So after some tries I removed the MySensor.h include and comment out all the related errors after now I could upload multiple times. So I guess there is some code that writing at wrong registers or similar.

    Some other notes..
    When I don't have any radio I removed MY_RADIO_xxxx. I know I tried to set the MY_GATEWAY_SERIAL but no success.
    But please note that I don't remember every detail I did but I tried some different configurations but not any worked. All ended in destroyed bootloader.

    So I did my own message creation functions according to the API but the controller don't want to accept it fully and therefore this questions about the communication protocol sequence..

  • No one?

    First. I don't have any radio interface...
    Second, micro pro isn't supported

    So, When I don't have any radio sensors I just want to send local attached sensor data to the controller.
    Can I configure the library to just send my data? Or can someone describe how much communication are made with the controller. Are there any more messages rather the presentation and actual data that need to be sent? Any "handshake"?

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