The Most Stable Controller and gateway, vera or another listed controller

  • What is the most stable controller, which one is better openhab with mqtt, or vera with serial/ethernet, or openhab with serial, or fhem with serial?

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    I doubt anyone has tried them all.

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    @Rachmat-Aditiya Not gonna lie to you here, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble if you go for the Vera. And it's not a stability issue per say. With the Vera you'll have support for all the unit types, automatic node id, storing VAR1 - VAR5 variables etc. The other controllers are far more rudimentary usually and they will most likely require some work of your own. That being said, I'm no advocate for the Vera either, very little value for your money unless you have a Z-wave network and even then it is probably no more than $50 worth of electronics for the $150 price tag (for the VeraEdge, not my estimate).

    I'd sooner recommend PiDome or Domoticz than the software above (haven't tried FHEM though personally). OpenHAB is in my opinion a hopeless resource hog and incomprehensible on top of that. Just saw that they released version 1.6 and 2.0 alpha though. I did try the old 2.0 code and saw no performance improvements. Perhaps this time it will be different?

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    Cannot tell about the others, never tried them. But here is my experience with fhem:
    in FHEM you find support for all the sketches that come with MySensors lib and may easily configure any combination and number of current defined sensor-, variable-types. Serial and Ethernet-gateway are supported. (MQTT is supported as well (using the mqtt-client-gateway), but the as the MQTT-gateway is not as configurable as FHEM itself the support for custom sensor-types is limitted). In terms of MySensors-protocol it supports the complete functionality of Serial- and Ethernet-gateway (including configurable Support for Acknowledge, so an actor would get a message resend multiple times until it's acknowledged).
    FHEM requires very little resources (it even runs on a Fritz-box, so a RasPi is more than sufficient) and is written in perl. The buildin-web-interface is a bit old-fashioned, but there are mobile clients for Android and iOS as well. Values are persisted on restart, they may be logged and rendered as SVG-Plots. Value-changes may trigger arbitrary Events (as being written in perl you may even run your own perl-code as configurable events occour). And last but not least the fhem-codebase is very mature. I run an fhem-server 24/7 on an alix-board (that is also my router, owncloud and print-server) to control my heating-system since nearly a decade now with very, very little downtime. As I usually do very little changes to the setup availability has been better than 99% during those years including all maintenance. For sure availability has been proven better than for the arduino-based ethernet gateways 😉
    But as a last word: as administration is not all point and klick a bit of technical interest (e.g. willingness to use a web-based commandline-interface for configuration and maybe some knowledge of regular expressions and a bit of perl) is helpful to explore the full power of fhem.

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    From what I've read in the forums here, I would agree with @bjornhallberg 's advise. I use Vera and for the most part has been quite stable (v1.5)

  • thank you all, I've been using agocontrol for a while, and this controller is good, it can automatically assign node and id, but agocontrol is really slow and sometimes take a decade to respond :p, I tried fhem then I find that fhem is more stable but you need to configure everything manually, lot of technical things. Openhab in one side is great but not for mqtt gateway in mysensors, because the gateway is not stable enough. I installed jeedom once, and lot of french language there and lack of english manual. I never tried vera, it's hard to get it in Indonesia, I think I will go to singapore to get one.


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    @Rachmat-Aditiya said:

    fhem is more stable but you need to configure everything manually,

    configure 'everything' is not entirely true, in respect to MySensors there's an autocreate-mode in FHEM. You will have to manually configure the gateway (e.g. 'define gw MYSENSOR /dev/ttyUSB0'), then activate autocreate (by pressing the include-button on the gateway, or setting the autocreate-attribute on the gateway device), then restart all MySensor-nodes and fhem will create a MYSENSORS_DEVICE-entry for every Sensor that sends presentation-messages while inclusion-mode is active.

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