Which thumbwheel switch would be more fantastic ?

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    Thumbwheel switch can be seen anywhere, especially it can be connected to cars and when driving, thumbwheel switch has become an indispensable part. I am going to buy a new thumbwheel switch to make my car refresh so I went to a retailing shop, satisfied with two thumbwheel switches. I am puzzled about that, so I come to this forum to turn to you to discuss which one would be more fantastic.

    Here are two thumbwheel switches offered for you to choose from:
    One is A7BS-207

    Termination-Style: Card Edge/Solder Pad with Component Mounting
    Mounting-Type: Panel Mount, Snap-In
    Actuator-Type: Pushwheel
    Contact-Material: -
    Contact-Finish: -
    Number-of-Positions: 10 Position
    Panel-Cutout-Dimensions: -
    Contact-Rating-Voltage: 0.1A @ 50VAC/28VDC
    Output-Code: BCD
    Read-Out: 0 ~ 9
    Number-of-Sections: 1
    Display-Characters-Height: 0.189" (4.80mm)
    End-Caps: Sold Separately
    Section-Width: 0.315" (8.00mm)
    Actuator: Thumbwheel

    Wide Range of Locking-type
    Models Available
    β€’ Character height of 4.8 or 3.2 mm makes for easy-to view display.
    β€’ Installation is easy with snap-in mounting.
    β€’ The series includes a complete range of locking-type models that prevent accidental operation.

    The other is PICOD131AK2
    The PICOD family offers small panel-mounted pushwheel code switches, ideally suited for high density applications. They are used for the controlling and programming of frequency synthesizers, counters and timers, data comparators, security encoders, weighing machines, etc. The dependable pushbutton action allows narrow 0.3 inch width on panel. Changes to higher or lower settings are accomplished rapidly by successive operation of the appropriate buttons. The featherweight PICOD is less than 0.6 inch high, yet
    rugged enough for hand-held and portable instruments that may be subjected to field abuse. Heavy gold plating on wiping contacts affords low contact resistance for reliable operation over long periods of service. Easy-to-read characters are viewed through dust-sealed window. Installation costs are minimized by snap together design – no inconvenient hardware.


    Termination-Style: Card Edge/Solder Pad
    Mounting-Type: Panel Mount, Snap-In
    Actuator-Type: Pushwheel
    Contact-Material: Copper Alloy
    Contact-Finish: Gold
    Panel-Cutout-Dimensions: -
    Contact-Rating-Voltage: 0.1A @ 40VAC/DC
    Output-Code: BCD
    Read-Out: 0 ~ 9
    Number-of-Sections: 1
    Display-Characters-Height: 0.122" (3.10mm)
    End-Caps: Sold Separately
    Section-Width: 0.300" (7.62mm)

    I have been puzzled about which thumbwheel switch would be more fantastic. As far as I am concerned, I would consider the A7BS-207 as it looks very light and easy to mount. What is your idea ? Do you agree with my ideas ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated.

    May someone would like to help ?

    thanks in advance.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @Yveaux Thanks for your comment. I would definately and confidently choose the first one. thank you very much.

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    @all What is others' opinions ? I would like to listen to others' opinions.

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    Yeah, pretty low fooling MySensors users into a discussion... πŸ‘Ž

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  • How many thumbs do you require to create one switch? Is there a good thumb to wheel ratio that makes for a good switch? Would you make the switch out of different wheels, say light passenger vehicle versus a late 16th century cart wheel? Would you be able to specify the amount of each type of wheel in the production of said switch? How about thumb types? Can I have one switch made from virgin female thumbs, and would it be more expensive than one made from 50 year old retired carpenter thumbs? I would have thought the carpenter thumbs would be more expensive than virgin female thumbs, as most retired carpenters have lost part of their thumb by the time they retire, so would be quite rare to obtain.

    TL:DR, your products suck, and have been blacklisted from my stock ordering options too. So long!

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