What is PA_BOOST pin on RFM69HW

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    I am reading the documentation of the RFM69HW and if we want to set the power range > 13dBm (default value in mysensors config), we need to use the PA_BOOST pin !!
    But i don't find this pin ?
    Someone knows what we have to do for use the +20dBm config ?

    Thanks you for your answers 😉

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    You just need to connect your antenna to the ANT pin.

    Regarding what you said, this can look even more confusing looking at fig 41, for using +20db settings, you just need to connect the ant pin 🙂

    In fact Hoperf is selling the module and doesn't give much information about their sch, mixing a bit semtech datasheet and their specs, but the RF chip is from Semtech, sx1231, you can also find their datasheet, a little bit different.

    So PA_PIN is a pin from the semtech chip, and Hoperf uses a TXRX switch between PA_BOOST and RFIO pins for TX and RX, to the ANT.
    If i remember well, maybe there are some info on google about this, RX for RFIO and TX for PA_BOOST, for the H modules of course. Which is why there are some different PA settings for H or not modules.

    Connect to the ANT pin, set you power level,.. through Mysensors. that's all.

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    @scalz Ok, so i will connect the ant pin and change the config 👍

    Thank you for your help Scalz 😉

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