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    Is it possible to have two nodes talking to each other without having a gateway.
    I would like to build a water tank monitor (that is remotely placed) that can send info to a another node
    and tell me to turn the pump off when tank is full. Both nodes must be powered by batteries.

  • @sigolhi I have a similar problem and started a thread about this a while ago. See here It is still unclear how to do a node-to-node communication without a gateway. Even a repeater node will not help.

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    @sigolhi Even if you can get the nodes to connect without a gateway you may still have issues trying to run them on batteries. Any node that is expecting to receive a message cannot sleep so will be rather heavy if on batteries alone. You may also need to add solar charging as well.

  • @Boots33 Yes, that's important, I forgot this. In my case the receiving node is line powered.

  • Hello everyone,
    My reciever node is on a 12V offgridsystem with solarpower backup so that is not my problem.
    I only want to recieve the signal from my remote water tank (150 meters away) so i know when to shut down the pump (and power generator). Without setting up a complete network.

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    @sigolhi MySensors isn't primarily designed for your scenario, but there is an easy workaround: Let one of the nodes be a gateway. It could be a serial gateway, or any other type.

    That's the solution I used for my arcade game.

    It is possible to connect a controller to the gateway, but the gateway won't care if you don't.

  • @mfalkvidd I would only mention that in my scenario this is not possible. I already have a gateway and controller. As far as I know a second gateway is not allowed.

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    @Heizelmann Yes, there can only be one gateway per MySensors network. But it is possible to have multiple MySensors networks by using different radio channels.

    How to set the channel depends on which transport you are using. Look for the channel setting in MyConfig.h. All nodes in one MySensors network need to use the same channel.

  • So it must be possible for one node to connect to two networks. Is this possible?

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    @Heizelmann No. But a controller can communicate with all networks.

  • Hi all, thank you for answering.
    I will try the solution mfalkvidd proposed.
    I'll report back when i have tried it.

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