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  • Hi all,

    I was wondering, in the original NRF24L01+ network for arduino (Maniac bug) it was possible to use multiple repeater nodes (relays as he called them). Is that possible with the mysensor repeater nodes as well? I tried to follow the code for the repeater nodes as well as the libraries, but cannot get the the answer that way. In the meantime I ordered multiple nrf24L01+ modules and some arduino mini's for this goal. (less than €12 Euro, so no problem if I have to use them for some other project.. 🙂 )

    Reason for posting this question: My challenge is to get data transferred of a fairly long distance with some radio unfriendly corridors in between (walls, metallic windows and so on). next to using the 250 kbps setting (slower speed, but larger distance) it would be helpful if I the information could hop over multiple times...



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    yes, multiple hops is supported.

  • Thnx.

    Any specific hints how to do that with this hardware; I will try to get this working with a few pro-mini's as relay, I might have missed this on the educational pages here, but I'm wondering how to start the network / do the roll-out.

    "The first time a new sensor boots up" section tells me something about that it will find it's way home (which is great, must have cost some time to get this programmed I guess), but my challenge at the moment is to find out how to get this done effectively. Should I start with the gateway and see how far I can get with a single node and replace it at that position with a repaeter node, or can I simply place some repeaters and check with a serial monitor that they contact the gateway?



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