Can I have too many relaying (repeater) nodes?

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    I finally seemed to have reached the limit of distance my radios cover. I must be going through too many walls because another device that is maybe 15 ft away works great. So I was thinking of adding the relay (repeating) option to some of my existing sensors. The problem is I don't have one that's right between my Vera and the end node that's not working very well. I was thinking maybe I would just start compiling my code with the relay option to avoid this in the future but I don't want to cause problems... So, is it a problem to have 5 or 6 relaying nodes and just hope one of them will reach? I'm worried this will flood the network of sensors with unnecessary communication.



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    It shouldn't be a problem having several relaying nodes. It won't increase the traffic over the radio network as the nodes form a star-topology.

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    @hek Great, thanks! I'm going to try to test tonight. You have created something awesome! I just wish I had more time to build/play with these. The possibles are almost endless...

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    Thanks @petewill .

    I also hope to be able to assign more time to the project.

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    I did a quick test this morning before work and adding the #include <Relay.h> and Relay gw; to my existing dimmable led sensor didn't seem to help. I don't need to clear eprom for those changes to take effect do I?

    I need to do some more testing too. I'll move the sensor closer to the gateway to see if I get reliable on/off/dimming functionality. If I do, I'll play around with the relaying code some more. If I don't, it must be a hardware/wiring issue. Thanks again for the help.

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    Be aware that sensor need to have 20 consecutive failed transmissions before starting to look for a new relaying node.

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