Improve NRF24L01transmission and reception

  • Hello everyone

    Is there a possibility to improve the transmission and reception of an NRF24L01. My gateway being in the sub ol of my house, and my sensor on the ground floor. the waves do not pass the concrete floor.
    I think installed an ethernet gateway if there is no other solution or NRF24L01 + PA + LNA.

    Thank you

  • What did you already try to enhance transmission? What modules do you have ("blob" ones?!?)?
    See for first steps.

    Most common: no capacitors added, wrong powering/false power settings, fake modules.

    Pls. also change your thread title to english.

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    Maybe adding a repeater node halfway your house.

  • The radio modules installed are NRF24L01 on each radio module there is a capacitor 10mF.
    I am sorry for the title in french, I can not manage to change it?

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    I changed the title. Try with a repeater node or add an esp8266 gateway in the middle of the house

  • @Daniel-Ruiz You don't give distance between node and gateway or whether it is indeed directly beneath the gateway and vertically polarised. May I suggest rotating the node to see if it improves the signal, or even put a metal biscuit tin underneath it to reflect the RF up, certainly worth a try....

  • I moved the bridge it is just below and now it works. I find the scope very limited. If I move away from 2 to 3m it does not work anymore.

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    You most likely have cheap clones. Get the genuine ones. There is an open thread in the forum

  • @Daniel-Ruiz The screening caused by the steel reinforcement in a floor slab will cause attenuation of the signal but this sounds too severe a drop. Is it possible that you have a competing 2.4GHz signal close by swamping reception ?

    I don't understand the logic of a gateway in the basement if the sensors are upstairs, but I presume you have reasons. Is it possible to take a remote antenna to the upper floor from your Gateway?
    Otherwise, as @gohan said, the market seems full of of fakes and flakey copies.
    You should be able to observe the relative strength of signals, from memory there were one or two free programs you can download, at least you could establish if the problem lies with the node or the gateway NRF...

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    you can't check the signal on nrf24, you could only run a test to check packet loss.

  • @gohan Sorry, was thinking more of RF strength prog on a laptop, Acrylic or similar is used for wifi, just a thought...

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