AC-DC at own

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    Everyone is need some kind of power supply for the project. Some time AC-DC is needed.
    From a few years of hobby I did a following list for myself:

    1. list item isolated AC-DC
      1.1 purchased as adapter
      1.2 purchased in separate box
      1.3 purchased to be put on PCB
    2. nonisolated AC-DC
      2.1 soldered capacitor based
      2.2 soldered switching inductor less
      2.3 soldered switching with inductor

    More or less a coprehensive listm, with proc and cons depending of the project.
    I prefer to solder things, but you see that I put all isolated as purchased. It is all about transformers.
    I'm scared about transformers - you need to properly design it, you need to wire it and build.

    Now I can tell that I do not scared any more)

    But to simplify start I ordered transformers build for the 5/12V output at power up to 3W. It is best sutable for most of my applications.
    0_1531562440011_Фото 09.07.2018, 23 11 04.jpg

    A testing board was created:

    soldered and tested:
    0_1531562450814_Фото 09.07.2018, 7 25 38.jpg
    0_1531562458616_Фото 10.07.2018, 0 29 43.jpg

    result of test as expected. at 13V output I coould get 3W of power with moderated heating

    schematic is based on LNK364

    By next step I will order PCB for my DIN Rail LEGO project:


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    @axillent greate work ! It is very hard to order transformers... My congratulations! Can you share the pcb for the review 🙂 ?

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    @koresh do you mean test pcb?

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    @axillent No, I just want to look at it.

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    @koresh pcb picture is presented. Please clarify what else you want to see. All is open

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    @koresh transformers is not a big deal but selection is very limited. I only found one item with reasonable pricing and sutable parameters. You can find it on ali by name EE10-A1

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    @axillent I can't see the gerbers or sources of the latest board (din shape). I've seen your transformers on ali. It is perfect. I need auxiliary coil for my projects so I should place custom order on the factory.

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    @koresh if you need gerber let me know, i will download. I need to note that DIN is designed for a particular design of the cover

    Share please where it is possible to order customized transformers.

    I do have all things to build transformers myself. It is an alternative way


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