• Hello.
    I dipped my toes into the world of home automation and discovered mysensors a couple of years ago. Then, I built (successfully) couple of relay actuators and stopped. Reason: I was in a rented apartment and couldn’t do anything permanent as such. Now, I have my own apartment and we have more or less settled in.
    I would like to make our home a wee bit smarter- turn on/off lights , put a timer on a washing machine power source, humidity detection , gas leak detection , door sensors etc.
    I have Arduinos pro mini and nrf24 radios with me from earlier.
    My questions are the following

    1. I used domoticz earlier but now more inclined towards openahb2. Is it advisable to make a switch ?
    2. I read about zigbee and zwave. But I don’t have any existing hardware of these protocols but the only advantage I have so far read is that these protocols are “stable” or “safer”. I am in India and as far as I know there are no regulations as such when it comes to tinkering with home electricals (I still don’t want to burn down the house). In my scenario , will Mysensors be a stable solution?
    3. I want some kind of redundancy in the setup - if my home network fails or is down, I should still be able to get things running. Hence, shall I also consider building a scene controller which can control the relays if a phone is unavailable or Alexa is down etc. basically it should be SO friendly or a guest friendly.
      I am planning to start tomorrow and looking for advice. Thanks.

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