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  • I've recently started building mysensor network and using openhab (and a MQTT gateway) to interface with them.

    Currently I only have a sleep light but I have the parts for ~10 sensors on order.

    I'm stuck on the openhab side of things now through.

    I want to be able to send 2 things and I'm not sure the best way to do that.

    1. I want to send the current time so that the sensor can update the RTC.
      I believe I can do this with a cron job and the NTP plugin and then just handle it via the node.

    2. I want to send a start/end time for the sleep light or send a start/end command at certain times. For both of these options I'd need a way to select the time from openhab and I can't figure that part out. I believe once I get the openhab part working It will be easy enough to handle it in the arduino but I want to know how the data is going to come in before I do that.

  • Hello Chaotic,

    You can trigger openhab rules and commands based on time conditions. Look at for more details.

    As an example, I am using it to turn on outdoor lights in the evening and turn then off in the morning.

    Hope this helps.

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