Reporting solar export power.

  • 2 years ago I used arduino uno to monitor solar generation to charge my battery car only when sufficient generation available with touch screen displays and to input options. This has worked extremely well within the measuring limitations.

    I now wish to vary the charging power by monitoring export power and so keep export power to a hundred watts.
    My solar I-boost water heater does this quite well, one thought was can the wireless signal between its CT and controller be hacked into and shared?

    Any suggestions as to how to monitor export power would be appreciated.


  • I would think that the "heavy lifting" of regulating the actual output power of the charger would be a function of the charge controller itself? Maybe you could tie into / control that somehow with your own microcontroller as brain / interface? Maybe they expose some API, serial, or other method of interfacing with their hardware?

    What are/were you using for charge controller?

    Also, what is "CT" in this context?

    I have read a bit here and there about solar (and related moving around and controlling of power, eg. batteries, charge controllers, etc...), as it is something I plan on doing "eventually" although I have no direct experience as of yet. So I will be following this thread with interest.

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