completely remove MySensors integration for HA and start over

  • I am trying to completely redo the integration. The current integration works, but I am unable to have nodes as part of the gateway. I hoping that starting over from scratch might work. 1st I stop the MySgw. then I delete the integration. This does not delete the persistent data; using Studio Code Server, I delete MySensors data. Next I delete the MySensors topics from the MQTT broker. Finally, I reboot Home Assistant. (In terminal execute reboot) when the reboot is complete, I re-integrate MySensors, ensuring that the version, "in" topics and "out" topics are identical to the MySgw. Then I restart the gateway. The data is getting the MQTT broker, but not to HA. Of course I backed up before doing this and when I do the full restore, all is working as it was before. I expect I should be able to start from scratch. What am I doing wrong?

  • @OldSurferDude I posted this question in the Home Assistant forum, too. I figured it out! See my post in HA


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