Domoticz full integration

  • It is a popular request (just make a search on the forum to be sure..): Domoticz full integration !
    Let's go further python/lua scripts with dummy sensors.



  • @qqlapraline I am waiting for full integration, but the Domoticz API documentation is very brief so it's very hard to do it...:(

  • I think this is not that hard.
    Actually, there is a simple enumeration of devices usable by any api.
    Furthermore, as an example you can review the recent integration of meteostick (a simple usb device for Davis meteo stations).
    Have a look at revision 1779


  • @qqlapraline I am not very good at programming, so we have to wait for some talented people to do this. Looking forward for this.

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    Yes it is, domoticz doesn't have (to be confirmed) all the sensors interface intended in mysensors first, and it doesn't handle the discussion (send the metric, assign the node id and assure unicity, assure that the node id has the right sensors and that it didn't change nightly...).

    RFXtrx does all it by itself for the protocols are mainly one way (discovery but no further discussion except orders for those that can receive them). It published the result on the usb that are read, and thus removes a lot of integration issues. But on the other way, some logic is coded inside (e.g. CM180i which produces a cumulated energy usage even if it is whole house plus specialized circuits...).

    It is not that difficult to make, as the vera plugins shows, but it is a bit technical because it has its own logic. Vera can run "server process" of their own, and thus the vera plugin is in lua, in domoticz it would have to be run either inside (un the main engine) or outside (an independant program polling the gateway holding specific mysensors logic, and pushing through JSON).

  • Fair enough: then we have to build up a gateway as part of Domoticz.
    Nonetheless, an intermediary solution would be to use the Domoticz lua script towards dummy sensors.


  • @qqlapraline Perfect would be if Domoticz creators have interest in integration mysensors on deeper level to their software, but i don't know if they are interested in any way on doing this.

  • I have exchanged with Gizmocuz who's in charge of Domoticz code. He is very eager to integrate mysensors into Domoticz.
    He needs some help so and asks for volunteers.

    But we haven't talked about integration policy. I would understand that he would not consider refactoring to integrate mysensors, a simple integration with a gateway engine (some kind of RFXCOM integration + gateway) is the key.

  • To move forward, I may have misunderstood things but can't we use one arduino as the gateway that reads/writes from serial ?
    Isn't it the principle of the raspberry pi gateway ?


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    The Arduino is needed for it has all the libraries to interface the rf24 and the mysensors protocols... it hides it to the controller, but there are plenty of stuff hidden below... consider mysensors library as the protocol stack, the gateway as the layer 4 to 6, and application as layer 7 in OSI model 😉

  • @qqlapraline Yes, arduino can work as a gateway. But i think it should communicate with Domoticz not by json, but in better way.

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    json is sometime the simplest way to have it working...

  • OK, so basically, nobody wants to do anything...Good way for the integration process !

  • @qqlapraline I want but unfortunately i do not have abilities:( I can only suggest that if someone have contact with domoticz creators he can ask them if they can write better api...

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    Hey QQ it is always easier to ask than to do...

    So far there is no will on one side to do something, on the other same issue... (one developper on each side alone...)some people have ported the mysensors integration to openahab (which has a working z-wave integration and RFXtrx), but for your case it is a bit different...

    First ask yourself if you are building a mysensors and for what use (needs some soldering, DIY, purchase, enery solving issue, boxing... that is not things bought uppon a shelf), and then you'll need to find people or make it yourself.

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    @qqlapraline said:

    I have exchanged with Gizmocuz who's in charge of Domoticz code. He is very eager to integrate mysensors into Domoticz.

    If Gizmocuz has specific questions about MySensors protocol or library I can probably answer them.

  • @epierre Yeah..right..:| thank you for the life lesson.

    Actually, how surprising it might look, I don't have the need: I have Arduino, communicating together in a simple protocol and integrating very well with my domoticz installation (by the way, it supports lots of devices...). But, I have good will....And integration between mysensors and Domoticz seems quite logical to me. If this is a fight between number of code lines (which is probably not to the advantage of mysensors), then, fine by me: I'm out the game.



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    @qqlapraline I don't really understand what you are trying to ask or say but I do know that the mySensors project is a project supported by only a handful of people.
    I for myself wanted integration with Indigo Domotica and, because I soon understood that I am the first (and at this point only) person asking for it I started developing a plugin for it.
    It is not my first priority (I have to make a living and my partner needs some attention as well) but I will get there.
    What you are asking (as far as I understand) is others to step up to the plate for something that you want or think makes sense in some future.
    That, as you probably understand by now, will only happen when more people start asking for it and/or someone takes the lead.
    When you are not that person I don't think it is correct to 'blame' anybody or get cynical because, just maybe, the time is not on your side.

  • 1 + for full integration with domoticz.

  • Nevertheless i am not a good programmer i will try tomorrow to make mysensors work with domoticz with at least temp sensors by the ethernet and json. Will see what i can acomplish with 90% desire, and 10% of knowledge:) Maybe it would be first step for others:)

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