Need some help to start....

  • Hello together,

    Im "playing" with arduino since 1,5 years, but have not realy a deep understanding- so sorry when I am asking a lot to much... and sorry when my english is not the best one (would be great to get some hints to improve my english)

    I have allready built a little network for my lamps, based on Maniacbugs library- so most of the hardware is already built (4 Main- lamps, some lamps in furnitures and some wall lamps). Lamps are working with 12V or 36V... today I have built 9 additional Sensors incl. PIR, IR-remote sensor and 3 WS2812- LEDs for status-feedback.

    At the moment one node is sending programm-numbers (1-10) depending on time and sunlight. Lamps takes brightness and color depending on program received. That is only working with 1-way communication.

    So now I have found these great page with a lot off great ideas and I wanted to make my light a little bit smarter....

    what do I want to built:

    I would like to use my own Head-unit (Arduino Mega, DS3132, Nrf24, 3,2TFT) to handle datas...
    In every room I would like to use 2-4 sensor nodes receiving datas from IR-remote and PIR- sensor... these data should be sended to head-unit, to give order to lamps.
    So lamps only need to receive values for fading, brightness and color.

    I try to descibe function in short way: when moving is in room 1, light has to fade to values that are given. when moving stopps in room 1, but no moving in room 2, light has to be switched on. when moving in room 1 stopps and moving starts in room 2, light should be fading down in room 1 and up in room 2.... and so on...

    So, now I have read a lot and have download library and examples and have no idea how to start, cause there a such high number of information...

    I would please you to show me the right direction, would need some help to start communication from sensor-node to head-unit-node and to the lamp...
    I have no idea how to adress nodes and so on...

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    Welcome to MySensors @mark76, great to have you here.

    As for the English part, my guess is that most of us aren't native English speakers. I nice and easy way to improve spelling and grammar is to use a dictionary in your browser. Here is how to enable it in Firefox: but I'm sure it can be done in other browsers as well.

    Have you read the getting started instructions? How far have you come so far?

    After that, you can probably build 1 lamp, for example using the relay instructions or the dimmer instruction and control it from your controller. Next step could be to build an IR sender/receiver.

  • hello @mfalkvidd : thanks for quick feedback.... I have read a lot till now... but have not find all off that what you have linked... so, many thanks for that links, I will now start to read and come back with further questions when I am ready with my first "lesson" ... 🙂

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    Great, good luck!

  • OK, what I have understood till now is that 1. I do not need a controler like VEGA. 2. all Sensor can be done as described here: 3. all lamps and my "head-unit" should be done based on that one:

    Am I right?

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    Repeating nodes are good, yes. They strengthen the communication abilities between nodes.

    You can configure everything without a controller, but I think that will be a lot more work than if you use a controller.

  • Hm.... So, if I am right- I has to make a plan and fix the adresses for each node... and everything else should be the same (?)
    I do not want to control something-it all should run full automaticly- only color chould be changed via IR- remote if necessary... in the same it is working in my old version... do you like to see the old sketches based on manacbugs libary? to get an impression of what the system should do...

  • I have now tested some examples... but get allways failure....

    In file included from MotionSensor.ino:30:0:
    /home/mark/sketchbook/libraries/MySensors/MySensor.h:158:70: error: expected type-specifier before ‘MyHwDriver’
    MySensor(MyTransport &radio =*new MyTransportNRF24(), MyHw &hw=*new MyHwDriver()
    MotionSensor.ino:38:10: error: call to ‘MySensor::MySensor(MyTransport&, MyHw&)’ uses the default argument for parameter 2, which is not yet defined

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    Hi Mark!

    Which library do you run? Also upload the code so we can have a look.
    Is it the normal motionsensor example? If so it looks like it cant find MySensors liberary.

    (Line 30): #include <MySensor.h>
    Have you downloaded and installed the liberary?

  • Yes, I have downloaded the last version of library- path is showing in failure... and it is the example code w/o changings...

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    @mark76 If you dont get it to work i would reinstall the library:
    Im not sure - but since its that line where you include mysensors it believe it cant find the lib.

  • I have now tried to re-install lib 3x.... I am stumbeling a little bit, cause I have allready a libraries folder and have copied all folders from MySensors- library folder to that folder... cause my understanding is that all libraries should be in the same folder....

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    That sounds right. When you open arduino ide do you find MySensors under the example menu?

  • Your libraries folder should look like this:


    Then you should see in the arduino gui:


  • yes.... every thing seams to be correct...

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    Any luck @mark76 ? Only difference from me is that you run 1.6.7 arduino IDE... but that shouldnt make the errors... Can you post a code/screeshot of all the error? (Complete log).

  • No chance.... error is only that one I have postet... Could be that the IDE causes the problem?

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    If nothing else works you could try download another version and try... but i doubt it.

  • As you can see in my screenshots, i'm also running 1.6.7 and i have no issues at all.

  • One question regarding that issue.... Do I have to tell the Sketch that I am working with nrf24? That library is very big and it is not easy to get an overview what library is doing in the backround.... But from my point of view I should define the Radio I use... (?)

  • I have now decided to stay at TmrH20 - Basis... that is working fine for me...

    Thanks to all, trying to help.