are there a full smart home ( controller and app and devices) Made by mysensors team ? :)

  • I build some mysensors device and use that with vera controller and this was very interesting ! so I want know , are mysensors made a free controller (for example by raspberry pi ) and app for control sensors and devices separately and No dependency on other brand for example vera !
    when devices dependent to other controller and app , that is risk . if that controller ( in new upgrade) will not support so my devices fail...
    so It is reasonable mysensors device control by mysensors controller and mysensors app ! 🙂

    this action from mysensors team is a major step for help to weak countries ( in terms of knowledge and money )
    with this action , every one can make a smart home for themselves.
    thank you mysensors team ❤

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    We've tried to keep away from the controller part of things.

    There's already a multitude of open source and free controllers out there doing an excellent job at being controllers.

    But there is a simple sample controller showing how to communicate and doing basic id-handout and firmware update here:

    The purpose of this is just to give a real controller developer some ideas on how to support MySensors.

    I did start building a small playground service for community members to share sensor data to friends and here on the forum, but I doubt it will be finished anytime soon. Need to get the new main site up and running first where we can publish user contributed articles and projects.

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    @Reza I think there are already a lot of open source controllers available that only require some affordable hardware like a raspberry pi for instance. I'm not gonna name one in particular, but you could check the supported controlles topic/page.

    In my opinion MySensors should stay the way that it is. Being an open source platform for inter device communication. That way MySensors is independent from any controller and stays available to a broad public. But that's my 50 cents,

  • @hek
    i think if mysensors work Independent of any controller so this is better !
    for example blynk service ! this is a interesting service


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