Support for APC220 RF

  • I've been searching whether mysensors can support radios different than the ones mentioned (NRF24 etc) on the main pages.

    I have several APC220 RF (long distance radios) which work very well.
    The input/output is Serial TX/RX, comparable to a NUL-MODEM cable.

    Is there a way to use them instead of the NRF24 radio?

    Thank you in advance for a response.

  • Admin

    I haven't looked at the spec. But you'd have to write your own transport layer for them.

  • Mod

    How about creating a serial gateway with local sensors, and letting the serial stuff go wirelessly over the APC220's to the controller? As long as the connection is stable, the rest of the system would just "see" a very long serial cable.

  • @mfalkvidd đź‘Ť Indeed, that is a solution.
    Do you know if that already exists, or does it have to be developped?

  • Mod

    @dk_iot my guess is that you can simply connect one acp220 to the ftdi header on the serial gateway and another acp220 to a usb-connected ftdi adapter on a computer. But I've never used an acp220 so it could be more complicated than that.

  • I received the recommended radios (NRF24L01) yesterday, and did some testing with it.

    I think it should be possible to receive data on the APC Radio, transform it into information that can be send over the recommended radios to a USB Gateway connected to Domoticz. The only challenge will be that it is a single node, with many Children, right?

    I can not find working examples yet of local sensors (data received over the APC radio) directly connected to the USB/Serial Gateway.
    Is this possible (or not)?

  • Admin

    Just a thought, but could this be done using rs485/rs232 as network transport?

    If it does work like a null modem, then it could be worth a shot.


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