Debug to a sd-card module?

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    I have an idea i want to run by you guys before starting up.

    I have sometimes random dropouts from my Nrf network - and i guess thats part of DIY. The node isnt fully tested and maybe behaves differently when the voltage drops, some hardware fails or the radio is re-oriented which causes bad reception...

    My problem is, I want to know what happens and make my nodes more stable but removing the node from its position doesnt make the debug realistic.

    My thought was to develop a second node, which have a sd-card module and writes the MySensors serial output to a sd-card. Is this possible? Am i re-inventing something here or making it to difficult?

    I liked the idea @AWI had about remote debugging with V_TEXT but my major issues is the radio communication and I dont know it this is because bad hardware or the radio behaves worse when voltage drops.

    Any ideas is appreciated.

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    It should be possible, with a couple of hacks to the core. I don't know if the atmega328 have enough program space for it though.

    (the Sensebender GW have a SDCard interface directly on the board ;) )

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    @tbowmo Thanks!
    To be clear, im talking about a second module/node which is removable and attachable to all other nodes with ftdi header. It would not have to include MySensors library/code if thats a problem with space.

    More of a clean arduino serial logger... attachable to all nodes which behaves bad (and have debug defined offcourse).

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    Great idea.

    Creating a non-Mysensors "log node" that listens on serial and logs everything to sd card should be fairly easy. With serial debug on on the troublesome node, all that needs to be done is to connect the log node to the serial port of the troublesome node.

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    @sundberg84 Is it the intention to make just a serial logger? i.e. attach the second node directly to the serial out of the "problem node". That would be very easy. In a few of my first postings and also I connected a bluetooth radio to the ftdi of the pro-mini. That way you can use a pc or phone bluetooth serial program to read and log the serial output.

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    @mfalkvidd - Thanks! My first thought was it should be easy... but i also thought that if it was easy someone else already made it.

    @AWI - "just a serial logger" Yes, you are correct! A serial bluetooth output! Interesting... it meets my needs for most part! :) Hmmm... maybe one should make a new hardware... The MySensors Debug Logger or something...

    Short term logging - bluetooth
    Long term logging - sd-card
    2xAA battery powered?

    This needs to be investigated! All input appreciated so keep it coming...
    Thanks guys!

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    @sundberg84 I given one of my nodes the birth name "MySensors data logger" ;-). This one listens to a few of my nodes and writes the log data to an SD card.
    If you search for 'Arduino serial logger" with google you get a plentitude of examples which do generic serial logging, either with or without time stamps.

  • Another interesting option for debugging:
    But I did not test this yet.

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    @AWI - Ah, sorry :) I dont want to re-invent or steel something here (as you see in my first post). Im going to look more into whats out there. If you have a good working logger you can share im very happy! Its good with bluetooth but i also need a node which runs on battery if possible) to leave and log for say a week.

    @karlheinz2000 - thanks - will look into that. It looks really promising!

    Either way, im going to build or order something. I need a complete logger to make my system more stable.

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    hmm.. what about an ESP8266, with an sdcard interface, then you can attach to the serial port via WIFI directly, or read the log file stored on the sdcard, with a couple of web pages etc.

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    @tbowmo - also a great idea. I think the project mentioned by @karlheinz2000 was just that and it looks really promising. Ill dig more into this and let you know when I have some sort of solution for my needs.

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    Very nice ideas guys, which could really help the community diagnosing intermittent network issues!
    I challenge you all to enter the Contest with a great design! :clap:

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    @Yveaux - good idea! If someone with more spare time than me wants to give it a go, please do because I will never be able to finish for the contest ends :construction_worker:

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    I had a free day today and begun some sketching... any input?
    Still going with the specs:

    • Battery (2xAA)
    • Long term logging to SD card
    • Short time logging through bluetooth
    • Should last atleast 2 weeks on 2xAA


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