Relialbe presense sensor

  • In the office I have industrial light sensors which don't work properly - when I enter a room the lights are turning on but after period of time it switches lights off like there's nowhere in the room.

    I'd like to install PIR/presense sensors in bathroom but definitely don't want to have ussues with turning lights off because sensors don't work properly.
    Does anyone has a solid experience in building / using presense sensors?

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  • PIR usually have a time adjustment, that is one way to prevent it turning off prematurely. I have a sketch that waits for a minute after any pir trigger, it resets that counter on a trigger so the light stays on (via a relay) for a minute after no activity. I also have a touch sensor that changes the delay to 5 minutes.

  • @Alexander-Ivanov

    With respect to the industrial light sensors: Is the problem related to people not moving enough around your office? Lack of movement causes these sensor not to trigger. In that case I think the use of a PIR sensor could probably not help you a lot (although they could be more sensitive, have no real experience with these sensors).

    Have you thought about using a tactile switch in the chairs in your office? If someone sits on its chair, every now and then a pulse could be send acting as and presense sensor.



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    maybe starting to have a long timeout before turning lights off could be an idea: if you detect no movement within 15-20 minutes it is very likely nobody is there), or you can give everybody a BT tag to attack to keychain (if you do 1 or 2 BT scan and don't see any of the BT tags, turn lights off)

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