Weird behavior of email confirmation

  • Hi,
    I've registered to Mysensors site recently, and I face a weird behavior of confirmation emails.. When I use my mostly used email (ending in ), I receive no email at all.. (I checked in spams, junk,.. etc. and I tried asking for resending email).. so I can't confirm my email..
    If I use another email on, then the email is properly received.. but I wouldn't want to use an new email address just for Mysensors.
    Is there anyone within admins who could check what might happening ?

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    @ricorico94 I don't know if some email providers are blacklisted, but the problem could be spam related. There are massive attempts to register new accounts and post spam. We are doing our best to keep it at bay. Without the efforts from the forum admins, there would probably be more spam posts than real posts in this forum 😞

    Hopefully someone else has more details on how registration emails work.

    You should be able to change your email address by going to

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    I checked our outgoing mail log for elab**** (which I guess is yours). The mail server reply with a

     "delivery-status": {
            "mx-host": "",
            "attempt-no": 1,
            "description": "",
            "session-seconds": 2.2513480186462402,
            "code": 550,
            "message": "spam detected"

    So you have to talk to some administrator of to de-spam-classify emails from to get them through.

    Other users seem to be able to receive their email so it seems to be related to your specific email address.

  • Thank you @mfalkvidd and @hek for your support and your investigation.
    This is really weird : this email address is very old, and following your answer I checked again the settings I have access to. I had some filtering rules, but nothing which should impact this email. I tried however to disable these rules, but problem persists.. What is incredible is that when I see the volum of SPAMs I receive on that email address, it's really bad luck that one site I want is not working. 😟
    I sent a request to postmaster of my email, let's see.. Meanwhile, I'll use the other email address.
    Thanks again, and I'll let you know.

  • @hek @mfalkvidd
    Incredible people !
    Not only you are top software and hardware men but you also manage the admin side of this website...
    Highest respect πŸ‘‘

  • Admin


    could it be a recent change in policies against that makes it think it is spam? So people registered earlier don't have problems, because they have done all the tidbits of the registration..

  • I did contact postmasters of with the errors you reported as well as a copy of the email I had receievd on my other email address. They replied to me that they need to receive the email directly from sender so that they can replicate the issue. IN parallel, I'm supposed to send the same email to a second address to let them know of the error.
    The detailed process to be followed is:

    • resend the same email to my email address (**** with in BCC using the same tools than the "standard" email
    • then send another email to to let them know the issue detailing in it the sender, the topic and the error messages received.

    If you're willing to follow that process, of course I'd be happy (and maybe it can be useful for other French people since is a common email provider). But if you don't, don't worry, I understand you're very busy and you have more exciting things to do.

    I was thinking trying to do it myself by utsing the email address they mentioned, but I'd miss the BCC recipient.

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