[SOLVED] 2 MySensors gateways on one controller

  • So for this question, I am asking for my Vera controller, but want to somewhat pose the question in general for all controllers to help more than just Vera users.

    I am currently running a serial gateway with an nRF24 radio setup. I would like to do some experimenting with other gateway platforms such as MQTT, and possibly the ethernet gateway to expand my knowledge. Is it possible to run more than one MySensors gateways on a controller. I would like to keep my current nRF connected stuff running while I do this. I am assuming that on my Vera that I would just create another MySensors device using "develop apps" and define it from there, correct? Or is there some reason that I am unfamiliar with that I can't run more than one instance of MySensors?

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    @dbemowsk if you keep both mySensors networks separated (different frequency/base I'd) I see no reason other than the controller implementation why this wouldn't be possible. I think domoticz can do it.

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    According to https://www.mysensors.org/controller Vera supports multiple gateways.

  • @dbemowsk Two serial GW's controlled by FHEM here...

  • @Yveaux I was thinking more of two different types of gateways. I shouldn't need more than one of each type of gateway. The other gateways would be more for experimentation right now anyway. I mainly wanted to make sure it wasn't going to mess with my current running system.

  • @dbemowsk The serial API (=communication between controller and GW) doesn't distinguish between different transport technologies used in a specific GW. So it's not important if a GW is using nRF, RS485, RFM69, none or whatever else as a transceiver.

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