ioBroker / NEW Controller Development / collection of FEATURES you/we need

  • Hello Everybody,

    after i got my Arduino Mega R3 working with MQTT and TCP (W5100 GW) i was looking for the controller, which is usable with the newest Dev version of My sesnors , has Node-Red implemented, Has an MQTT server and is EASY to handle with... (no editing of files to get it running etc..)

    I tried many of th e controllers, but did not find the 100% one... 😞

    Domoticz was quite good, budid not want to work with 1.6 mysesnors, Questions were not answered in the forum 😞

    it was a NoGo for me ...

    Now i use ioBroker with MQTT, Node-Red, CCU etc.. and it is running perfect, BUT no MySensors adapter yet...

    I contacted the DEV and he agreed to "make " a new adapter.

    He jsut asked to collect features WE NEED, so we get the "right/best" Interface for MySensors.

    So guys, please post here Features you need in the Format like:


    FEATURE NAME - "Ethernet TCP / W5100"

    already seen in the XYZ controller (if already exists) - "CALAOS"

    I LIKE about this Feature, - "easy connection to my sesnors Arduino"

    HOW DOES IT WORK - "connect to arduino with ETHERNET Sketch, it recognizes the arduino and showing ne variables you can use"

    I DON'T like about this Feature - "does not recognize 1.6 Mysesnors branch"

    HOW SHOULD IT WORK - "connect to arduino with **W5100 **Sketch, it recognizes the arduino and showing ne variables you can use

    Needs THIS improvement - "connection shoud be stable when connects to Controller"


  • Hello Guys,

    No interest in new controller with functions you want and need?

  • Admin

    Suggest the iobroker developer starts looking at supporting the serial protocol.

    Ethernet is the same over tcp/ip.

    MQTT topic layout is also similar nowadays.

  • Thank you for your answer. At least you are interested in getting mysensor forward 🙂
    Already spoke to him, and iobroker already "kind of" supports it over node red adapter...
    He just think, that it might be a disadvantage if you need a wire to speak to the gw, so he wants to make an TCP adapter and afterwards MQTT just for my Sensors. By the way... MQTT already running very good with iobroker and my sensors!
    He wants just to collect features first, because TCP or UDP is easy to implement,even UDP does not work with the 1.6 Dev brunch (see issue at github).
    So it would be good if we (mysensor community) would support him TO SUPPORT US (to write adapter for us)

  • We want to implement feature, which can change the topic, to give it a real name, and to change the name of it. So you do not just see numbers, but you see the name of it and the placement. All if this information is available in iobroker and can be used with VIS, node red, MQTT etc.. Next one should be the OTA feature, signing, battery state... I am sure that he would be glad to develop it with you(@hek ) so if development branch has a new feature everybody can try it with iobroker.

  • Admin

    You should be able to rename the topic to "iobroker" yourself.

    If the developer have any questions he/she can email me or ask here. And would be happy to add iobroker to the supported controllers on main site when it's in a working state.

  • Thank you hek, I forwarded your message to him...

  • just spoke to him (dev of iobroker)...

    he is just finishing text2command adapter for ioBroker and after that he will start with developement!

    text2command looks good too to me, so just try it 🙂

  • just spoke to the DEV ...the adapter TCP, UDP and SERIAL ir ready!

    Will open e new thread when i get the Documentation!

  • this is fantastic.
    i will try it.

    so useful.

  • 0_1458588493438_256_2.jpg

    isn't it just SEXY ?

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