Meetup in the Netherlands - Saturday July 30th, in Breda!

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    Who wants to join this summer for a get-together in the (south) of the Netherlands or Belgium, for a day stuffed with MySensors projects, BBQ, beers, wine, ...?

    Update#1: The date has been set! July 30th, in Breda, South of the Netherlands
    Thanks to the generous hosting of we finally found a location!

    Details can be found here:

    Please feel free to comment on the program, add your own presentations, join the plugfest, or whatever you like!
    (beware this is a document in the making -- things might change without notice!)

    Update#2: Thanks to the effort of @sincze (who also arranged the location 👍) we now have a real registration system, in which you can enter your name and email address.
    This way we are able to contact you all when required (e.g. last minute changes).

    Futhermore we decided to provide you lunch (Dutch-style 'broodjes & beleg', yeah baby!), coffee, tea and soda during the day.
    As we're not a bank nor Bill Gates, we ask you to buy a ticket for E 12,50 and re-register at
    Don't forget to bring this ticket to the meetup (digital or in print)!

    The old registration system at has been closed.
    As I don't have any contact information of people who already entered, I hope I can reach all of you this way. Spread the word!

    Make sure you all register for the event, so we'll know how many people to expect!!
    The location has limited capacity, so first registered, first come

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    Living in Antwerpen, so I'm interested in this combination of topics (I would put beer before BBQ of course) 🙂

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    If there are sufficient candidates, the next step would be to start a Doodle to choose date and location.

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    Add wine and i'm in

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    @AWI Great to hear you're in 😉

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    By this summer the City of Things lab in Antwerpen should be taking shape. Getting a MySensors gateway running and communicating with the platform we plan to build for CoT would be a great topic for a meet at my workplace, since we are the IT department of the City of Antwerp.
    There are already several meetups on this topic, and more to come.
    To give an idea why we do this:

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    Count me in! 👍

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    Count me in !

  • Will be there!

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    Since most participants are in the Nederland area, I do not mind coming to Rotterdam or Amsterdam for a weekend to participate in a meet up.

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    @GertSanders OK, great, but I only counted 6 people so far... Would be nice if the group would become a bit larger I think.

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    @Yveaux I agree with you. But for most people the summer seems like an long time from now. And others just wait until an event is organized before they sign up. Maybe it's a good idea to meet each other ahead of the meeting and discuss how and where we're gonna meet??

    I don't know where about you guys live. But I live around Amersfoort. Maybe meeting at a seats-to-meat?

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    @TheoL @Yveaux aai iz in Antwerpen

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    Because the temperature is rising, I've prepared the BBQ for this weekend. It also made me think about this topic again 😉 I'd really would like to meet you all. So if every one is still interested, give a holla on this forum. I'm volunteering to organize this, I just need someone extra. Because my time is a bit spare lately.

    Since the response to this topic is a bit low. I'll explain the purpose of this meetup (at least how I see it). We're all fund about electronics and IoT otherwise we wouldn't be on this forum. The meeting is for everyone, regarding level of knowledge, who wants to spend some time with other enthusiastic. It's not a meetup in which we can see who's the best or knows the most. It's about spending time and having fun with people whom share the same interest.

    If we can make a good estimate of how many people want to come, we can start looking for the best place to hold this meeting. Maybe we can look for some sponsors as well. It would be awesome if we could get some sponsors. Because I truly think that MySensors deserves more exposure to a broader public.

    So. Let me know if you want to come (why wouldn't you) and if you want to help out with the organization. Also if you have big garden and life in southern area of the Netherlands. And if you don't mind that we come to you place, let me know.

    My boss pays for my gas, so I can take three people with me when I drive to the meetup. I live near Apeldoorn.

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    I will come anywhere below Rotterdam. If it's near Amsterdam i will need to plan for a weekend and take my better half with me. And get one of our kids to babysit the dog and/or the yougest. All can be organised.
    Given the earlier reactions somewhere in Nederlands Barbant would make sense. I'm probably the southy of the bunch 🙂

  • Will join from Amsterdam till Eindhoven because I live in the center below Rotterdam!

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    @TheoL Judging from the reactions in this post so far, the list of potential visiters seems rather limited...
    Maybe its better to start things small first. When it's a success we can discuss how to go from there.
    I live a bit above Eindhoven, so that seems like the ideal location. However, my garden is rather small.

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    I've created a planner in Doodle:
    Please pick the dates when you're available, so we can converge to a date!

    @GertSanders @AWI @TimO @TheoL Could you help picking a date, guys?

    @damme Why did you fill in the planner, as it seems you can't join at all?

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    @Yveaux Super. I filled it in as soon as possible.

    I already figured out, that the southern of Rotterdam would be the best place. So somewhere between Breda and Eindhoven seems to be the center.

    I don't want to plan out the complete meeting, but my suggestion is to come up with a list of things we can do. That will make it easier to pick a place where we can meet. I can't wait to finally meet you all.

  • I would also be interested. But I didn't fill out the doodle because my schedule for the next month is not fully set yet. So it doesn't make sense to accommodate my preferences for the date as they might change.

    I would just wait for you to set a date and then join if I am available, if you don't mind. South of Rotterdam would be perfectly fine for me. I would only suggest to meet somewhere close to a train station as some people (me included) might not have a car.

    Regarding things to do, a workshop-like meeting in which people present their projects might be nice. I saw something similar in the OpenHAB forum.

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