NRF24L01 and rfm69 in one gateway

  • Hey There,

    Now I got multiple sensors using a NRF24L01. I'm of to a new journey, the rfm69.

    Is there a way to combine bothe radios in one gateway?
    I use an esp8266(node-UMC) with NRF24L01. Haven't got a spare esp lying around..


  • Mod

    @Omemanti sorry, only one transport type per gateway is supported.

    Maybe you have a spare Arduino to create a serial gateway?

    In either case I would recommend ordering a few esp. I use the wemos d1 mini version. Cheap and easy to use :)

  • @mfalkvidd oké, clear!
    Guess a couple esp8266 couldn't hurt. 😀

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