💬 RFM69 - 8 Dimmer output

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    Hi! Did you test this concept with mysensors library and atmega328? 🙂 It is not clear how it can work. For reliable dimmer work, controller must handle zero-crossing interruption every 20ms to detect zero and handle interruption from timer to control triac. There is too high probability to omit these interruptions during RFM69 interruption handling... And this is one triac example, not 8 🙂

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    Not yet !

    In fact, the interrupt must be short enough and fast enough to be sure to not miss the RFM69 interrupts.

    The code for 8 dimmers will not be really more complicated : in fact, each time we got a zero cross, we must set a timer to zero, and then wait the good amount of milliseconds to turn on the needed outputs.
    So, yes, we'll have an interrupts each 10ms (each time the wave crosses the zero, to be precise !), but I think all we have to do in the interrupt handler is set the timer to zero (or to micros() ...) and then on the main loop, wait the good amount of time for each output before setting them ON.

    Seems simple on paper, perhaps it will not work on the chip....

    In facts, my main concern is : will the RFM interrupt be short enough to not disturb the zero crossing interrupt ?
    Although, not yet tested the RFM : do we NEED the interrupt pin ? Can't we poll frequently the RFM?

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