Sample Door SW does not compile !

  • Hello everybody,

    I wish you a wonderful year 2015 .

    I have a problem when I try to compile the "BinarySwitchSensor Example".
    I receive the following message :

    In file included from /Users/guest/Documents/Arduino/MySensorGW/libraries/MySensors/MySensor.h:28,
    from MySensorDoorSW.ino:4:
    /Users/guest/Documents/Arduino/MySensorGW/libraries/MySensors/utility/RF24.h:51: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'SoftSPI' with no type
    /Users/guest/Documents/Arduino/MySensorGW/libraries/MySensors/utility/RF24.h:51: error: expected ';' before '<' token

    I currently work with the release 1.5.5 of the Arduino IDE

    Somebody could help me ?

    Thanks by advance


  • I can compile and use door sample from mysensor.
    the difference is that i'm using old arduino ide 1.0.5, while you're using 1.5.5.
    possible to change the ide ?

  • Hardware Contributor

    I compile the example sketch fine with IDE 1.5.7.
    Do you have uncommented the #define SOFTSPI in RF24_config.h for some reason (eg programming your gateway)?. If so comment it back again.

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