All in one board with apple phone charger brick wrap.

  • The last few weeks I've been working on my first Eagle and My Sensors project.
    Essentially I wanted a compact package that I could plug in around the house to use as a nightlight/house status indicator and generic room sensor.

    To do that I'm going to be piggy backing on apple's charger brick which is about 1 inch square as a power source and PCB base. The PCB once populated and tested is broken apart at the vias and taped/soldered together at the via junctions, essentially wrapping the power brick.

    I've combined a few packages I have breakout boards for and have been experimenting with.
    VCNL4001 - Proximity/Luminosity ( night light mode switching and room lighting sensor )
    SHT21 - Temp/Humidity
    INA219 - Current sensor to detect usage of output USB port. Could be used to detect when a phone is done charging and indicate that to the owner via lights or gateway messaging.
    **NRF2401 **- for communication
    WS2812B - addressable LEDs for night light and indicators/alerts
    Thinking about adding a buzzer or speaker of some sort as a separate alert mechanism.

    Current'y I'm still laying out traces and components on the board but should have that done soonish. A lot still needs to be done to make the board valid for production.
    Any help or advice is appreciated, the board files are located on github.

    I'm trying to wire up unused pins to headers, but due to the size it's been difficult.

    If there is any interest in this form factor I probably would try my hand at having some boards run and populated. Due to the size of many of the components a kit would probably be hard to assemble, but not out of the question.

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    Do you have an enclosure in mind?

  • @ServiceXp I was going to 3D print a small cap that fits around the boards when they are attached to the charger brick. It would probably fit the design esthetics of the existing charger brick and have a section for making sure the lights are visible.

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    Sounds awesome, I really need to get me a 3D Printer....

  • Some progress on this board project. Hopefully the images make what I was describing earlier clearer.

    2015-04-12 21.29.17.jpg

    2015-04-12 21.29.08.jpg

    2015-04-12 09.52.17.jpg

    Now onto programming if for capture all the sensor data.

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