heartbeat? monitor?

  • So last night I get home my billiards league and my raspberry pi gateway is acting up. I logged in so the network and all was fine. I checked the mqtt server and messages were flowing there too. I even checked and the mysgw process was running. But it was not relaying messages. I rebooted it and all was fine.

    So I am curious about trying to monitor it so i can do that reset automatically and not have half my lights unavailable.

    I was wondering about maybe monitoring for heartbeats?
    maybe something like monitoring gw/+/255/3/0/21 and if i don't see anything for some time reset it. But I don't know how often heartbeat messages are sent.

    Anyone else monitoring gateways? I haven't had this problem much, but was not happy to get the call from the wife saying she had to unplug stuff to turn off the lights lol

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    @crankycoder presumably gateway traffic will come to a complete stop in case of troubles.
    In this case you can just monitor any mqtt messages coming from the gateway (something like gw/#). If no messages come in for x time, reboot the gw.

  • any idea how often heartbeat messages would be sent?

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