Regulators needed

  • So I was working on building myself a new serial gateway tonight when I realized that I am out of 3.3v TO-92 package regulators. I have some AMS1117 3.3v regulators, but they are in an SMT package making mounting them to a thru hole regulator near impossible. I figured since I need to buy more, I will go with LDO regulators. Are there any that perform better than others? Are there any things I should be watching out for? Is there a good place to buy them cheap where I can get them in a pack of 20 or so to stock up?

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    The most common ldo I saw are le33 and mcp1700

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    It's a good question, and it deserves a good answer. Since a gateway will probably be mains powered, rather than battery powered, I'm guessing that an LDO with less ripple and/or more noise rejection might improve the range/coverage of the gateway. i.e. just slapping in the cheapest, most common chips might be self defeating. That's too vague an answer though, and I'm sorry I can't do better. Has anyone looked into that angle?

  • @neverdie Good points though.

  • Another one that seems promising is the LP2950 series. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these?