Advice for Newbie trying to get started

  • Hello
    I have got a few components on order for my first project based on nrf24l01+. I want to build some PIR sensors and be alerted when movement occurs.
    I am a total newbie to arduino and home automation but have some experience with the raspberry pi.
    I have just installed openHAB on a pi to test it. I am thinking I have a huge mountain to climb!
    Should I maybe start with Domoticz. From what I have seen, it could be simpler in the first instance.

    I am also struggling on which gateway to build. I can't find a definitive answer on what the benefits of serial/ethernet/mqtt offer.
    Maybe start with serial as I can just plug it into the pi via usb?? What will mqtt do for me that a serial interface doesn't.


  • Hey, Welcome,

    If you just want to get started, prepare for some trial and error (that's almost half the fun if you ask me :)).

    I suggest you start with a serial monitor and use myscontroller as a controller.
    If you ask me this is the easiest way to test if everything is working.

    when you are confident on your progress, hook up a wifi gateway and link that to whatever you like (I only have experiences with domotics + dachticz in combination with a wifi-gateway ( ESP8266+NRF52832))

  • Thanks Omemanti

    I will check out myscontroller...looks useful.
    Ive been playing with openHAB today, and after a bit of a struggle, I've managed to create a virtual switch that sends me an email. This gives me hope that a mysensors PIR node will be able to do the same.
    Certainly a great way to learn about many new things!

  • I started with Domoticz and my sensors. Now I have half my house controlled and monitored by Domoticz. A LOT OF TRIAL AND ERROR! But my god thanks to everyone that has the same passions as I do!!!

  • My advise if you want upgrade and improve your domotics in your house is what i done. Domoticz,serial gateway, rfm69h and rfm69hw instead of nrf24 that i used before and replace all cards. Nrf24 have many range problems for me and the the chinise clone that are unknown quality in each order.all diferents each time i order...

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