W5100 Ethernet Gateway in Release 2.5.0-1

  • Hi,

    I hope I don't open a new thread for an already fixed Problem, but after searching for hours in the GW threads I don't found a similar problem.

    The problem: I would like to use the Eth.GW just as Node with no radio attached so I used the GatewayW5100 sketch, commented all radios and defined a controller address with DHCP enabled.
    In presentation I send a sketch info and a motion sensor.
    When the sketch starts I see in the debug console the assigned IP address and after that the sketch hangs.
    In the Wireshark log I can see the DHCP assignment and after that IP-connect messages between the gateway and the controller but no sketch info message from GW to the controller.

    Changed the sketch to GatewayW5100MQTTClient with the same settings every thing works as expected i.e. DHCP is assigned, IP-Link is established and after that GW and controller exchange Data (info and sensor) asked by the controller.

    I also tried UPEthernet.h, and ethernet2.h without any change.
    So I hope anybody could give me hint what's wrong.

    Thanks in advance for a reply.

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