💬 Mysensors 2.0 ethernet gateway (W5100) build.

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    I recently build and updated my gateway for Mysensors to the new version 2.0 and wanted to share my experience and pictures if anyone in the future are going for the same build.

    Some notes - I got the tip to downgrade AVR board defs from tekka, and that worked great. This bug will probably be solved in the future.

    I know it is best to upgrade all your nodes to 2.0 but I have not had the time for that yet. I tried to upgrade a sensor and it didnt work so good, but using my GW with 2.0 seems to work great even if some nodes still are not upgraded.

  • Nice job on the build. I was curious if you ended up needing to comment out MY_DEBUG in the GatewayW5100 sketch for MySensors 2.0, or whether you left it in so you could still review the serial monitor feedback. I have downgraded the AVR board definition as you noted from tekka, but wasn't sure whether commenting out debug was still necessary. I am trying to get an Ethernet GW connected up to a Vera Plus and am having a difficult time with connectivity so far.

    Thank you for any feeback.

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    @aag86 nope, still has debug included. I use domoticz and have not seen any reconnections or timeouts in the log so far.

  • @sundberg84 Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep debug in and see what happens - will try later today.

  • Looking good!

    How do you power this? From the USB or a separate powersource?

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    @LOST i have cut and stripped a USB kable. So 5v from a phone charger. From 5 to 3.3v I use a le33az with capacitors.
    I dont use a usb cable connected to the arduino because the output pins on the arduino cant to provide the radio (PA/LNA version) with enough mA to work good.

    (The image is from another project, but like this:

  • Hello, may I ask you why do you use wifi and ethernet module? Does this gateway works with both connections type? Regards.

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    @marcoseduardo - you are misstaking, im using a ethernet module and a arduino uno. There isnt any wifi module.

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    Just need to ask a general question about the voltage converter - I think i messed up.
    Im using LE33A for 3.3v but i now read here it has a limit of 0.1A. Is this enough for the LA/PNA module?
    Maybe i should go with LD111 instead, seems like it can handle 0.8A.

    Any thoughts?

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    @sundberg84 LE33A isn't enough, because in your project also are W5100 Ethernet Module, Arduino and leds. Only NRF24L01+PA+LNA consumes 100 mA in peak. You can look here. LM1117-3.3V looks much better.

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    Thanks @kalina. As i suspected it might be tight.
    It works for me so far, but to be sure i think the conclusion would be to use a better voltage regulator.

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    @sundberg84 One more note, you use long wires to connect NRF24L01+PA+LNA, you must put capacitor 100uF (at least) close to it.

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    @kalina - thanks, good info.
    Im using a 4.7uF (only seen in the last picture) connected directly to VCC/GND on the radio. Works great.

  • Hello to all,
    First thank you for this great project. I'm trying to build this one but I have questions about power supply:
    1.I want to use Orange Pi zero as controller and want to use same power supply with Arduino.
    Is it possible?

    1. If separately used; Is it possible to use only Arduino without -capacitors and LM or LE- by using 5V out on the Arduino for Ethernet module? Just plug the USB to the Arduino and system works?

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    1. Orange Pi is a controller and not a gateway. If you are suggesting you want to use the 5v adapter to power both controller and gateway I can not answer you. It might work but in the same time it might be to weak or to much interference. Try! If you get alof of random freezes and/or bad network communication you might want to seperate them

    2. It might work - but using the nrf24l01+ amplified requiers some more juice than then pro mini/uno/nano can handle so I suggest using a power in with a good voltage regulator (that can provide high current) and then split of to each unit.





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