Can a sensor "get lost" between a GW and a repeater?

  • I have a battery operated sensor that is placed at a distance to the GW where it should get a good connection. Distance is only 5 meters with wooden walls in between. But very close to this sensor is another sensor with the REPEATER function enabled. The first sensor connects to the GW but looses contact after a few hours. After a reset of the sensor, it functions again.

    Question: Could the case be, that the battery operated sensor loses the path to the GW i.e. the routing is lost somehow if it starts oscillating between connecting to the GW and the repeater?

    I have checked obvious causes of failure like wiring, capacitor etc.

    If the answer is no, then I have other things to check. I just want to rule out this cause of failure.

  • You could try to set a static parent id, in order to determine if this is the case.

  • Mod

    @bgunnarb yes that could occur

  • Thanks to @electrik and @mfalkvidd for your answers. I will try next time I have the opportunity. Currently the sensor is 400 km away from home.

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