Repeater node logic

  • I'm using MySensors under Vera UI7 in the environment where radio power is not enough. Repeater feature logic is not very clear for me and I have some questions:

    • can a node work via many repeaters? I mean, if a node is really far from gateway, can it get data from the gateway via many repeaters, for example: Gateway->Repeater1->Repeater2->Repeater3->Target Node ?
    • can a node can be included via repeaters? I mean, does inclusion mode work if the node not connected directly to gateway, but via repeater(s)?
    • do repeaters load network and/or gateway? Will tens of repeaters affect network performance and is it worth to make each node a repeater by defaul?


  • Admin

    Yes, you can have messages passing multiple repeaters.

    Yes, nodes can be included via repeaters.

    No, you should probably not make every node a repeater, enable it for woken nodes at strategic locations.

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