[SOLVED] Wifi gateway / motion sensor / value 1107296256 instead of tripped ?

  • I changed a long existing motion sensor ( combined with DHT22) to send data to a newly installed WIFI-Gateway instead of the older LAN-Gateway
    I still get the right values for temperature and humidity, only the motion sensor sends ( or better the WIFI-Gateway receives)
    1107296256 instead of tripped ?

    Any ideas ?

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    Looks similar to this thread: http://forum.mysensors.org/topic/2737/2-channel-relais-with-2-buttons-sending-strange-values-for-on-off
    Haven't seen any solution yet though :(

  • I have the same problem with TRIPPED-messages and the Wifi gateway:


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    Please try the dev-branch gateway version and report back if the problem persist.

  • After long trying i managed to install the developer version.
    Now the gateway doesn´t receive any messages

    I see trough putty the comunication with FHEM, but no messages from the sensor laying next to the gateway

    The sensors definetly send, i see it on other wired gateway
    Are there any changes in the developer version regarding Channel / ID ?

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    @kr0815 said:

    Are there any changes in the developer version regarding Channel / ID ?

    No it shouldn't be any changes in that regard.

  • That´s really strange, because 2 hours earlier, the gateway worked with the old version, only the problem of receiving numbers instead of v_tripped

    I´m using an NRF24L01 with external Antenna, i saw somewhere in the Code there are settings for TX-Power or similar ? Maybe that´s different in dev version ?
    Or any other ideas ?

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    Yes, you could try setting tx power to low. Add this before including MySensor.h in gateway.

    #define MY_RF24_PA_LEVEL RF24_PA_MIN

    Anything useful in the debug log?

  • You mean the output when connected with putty ?
    There is nothing strange in it, i see the commands from my FHEM controller, but no errors

    With the old version i saw also the messages from my sensor nodes

    Is it possible to change debug level ?

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    Debug is enabled by default.


    You could perhaps have the gateway connected to your computer/Arduino IDE and open the serial monitor to see that sensor readings is picked up correctly.

  • Thats what i already did, that´s what i get after a diconnect / connect and then a inclusion-mode on / off in my controller software.

    0;255;3;0;14;Gateway startup complete.
    0;255;3;0;14;Gateway startup complete.

    But no messages from the sensors.
    Should there be additional messages when in debug mode ?

    So as there are no changes in Channel / ID, i see only the possibilities that i either damaged the NRF or that something is different with the Developer version

    I´ll try to flash the old software again this evening

  • Got it working now, replaced the ampflified NRF with a regular one
    Maybe i broke it, but can´t imagine how

    In one of the many examples i found the following comment for myConfig.h:

    #define RF24_PA_LEVEL_GW   RF24_PA_LOW  //Gateway PA Level, defaults to Sensor net PA Level.  Tune here if using an amplified nRF2401

    Is there anything special about the amplified version ? Do they have like a register i have to switch on/ off ? or is it just an additional transistor and the antenna connection ?

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    It requires much more power. Do not feed it from the arduino directly. Especially if you turn up the transmit power level.

  • @kr0815 said:

    Got it working now, replaced the ampflified NRF with a regular one

    Now that you have the dev-branch WIFIgateway version up and running, did this solve the initial issue with the strange tripped-values?

  • Yes, the problem is solved now, no more strange values

  • :thumbsup:

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