nRF24l01+ align, direction, position

  • Hi, i have been running MySensors together with Domoticz for 2-3 months now.
    I have not been thinking about the distance between my nodes and GateWay since now.
    Something must be wrong since I can only have 12 meters from my GateWay to my node.

    GateWay is powered from Arduino Uno and I am using nRF24L01+ with built in PCB-antenna.
    Node is also using NRF with PCB-antenna, powered from a CR123 3 voltage battery.
    I have small capacitor on both NRF.

    3 walls between GW and Node, one is brick-wall the two other are wood and plaster.

    How should I align the NRF towards each other?

    0_1458562025293_nrf24 align.jpg

    What number is the best alignment, according to my home made picture or is there a other alignment that works better?๐Ÿ˜†

  • @flopp in a free line of sight positioning the alignment 3 should be the best.
    But you comment that you have about 3 walls between the gw and node.
    In such a envoirment it is not simply foreseeable how the rf signal will propagate. Many factors of reflection and absorbation are in play in such a envoirment.

  • @Oitzu
    I have order an NRF with external antenna and will see if that helps

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