2 systems in same location

  • If i want to use 2 or more systems in the same location; sensors will be mixed? How can i ban other system to see my already working sensor? (For vera gateway)

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    Select a different frequency (MyConfig.h) before compiling/uploading the new sensors/gateway.

  • Thank you Hek.

    #define RF24_CHANNEL 76 //RF channel for the sensor net, 0-127

    If i change** 76 to 77** it will be a different freq?

    #ifndef MyConfig_h
    #define MyConfig_h


    • Configure Sensor Network
      #define RF24_CHANNEL 76 //RF channel for the sensor net, 0-127
      #define RF24_DATARATE RF24_250KBPS //RF24_250KBPS for 250kbs, RF24_1MBPS for 1Mbps, or RF24_2MBPS for 2Mbps
      #define RF24_PA_LEVEL RF24_PA_MAX //Sensor PA Level == RF24_PA_MIN=-18dBm, RF24_PA_LOW=-12dBm, RF24_PA_HIGH=-6dBM, and RF24_PA_MAX=0dBm
      #define RF24_PA_LEVEL_GW RF24_PA_LOW //Gateway PA Level, defaults to Sensor net PA Level. Tune here if using an amplified nRF2401+ in your gateway.
      #define BASE_RADIO_ID ((uint64_t)0xA8A8E1FC00LL) // This is also act as base value for sensor nodeId addresses. Change this (or channel) if you have more than one sensor network.

    // MySensors online examples defaults
    #define DEFAULT_CE_PIN 9
    #define DEFAULT_CS_PIN 10


    • Enable/Disable debug logging
      #define DEBUG


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