💬 HALO : ESP32 multi transport GW/Bridge for Mysensors

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    Teaser for the moment 😉
    I'll upload files during this week as i have another project to release (for nodes), so i'm working hard on docs and testings.

    Enjoy 🙂

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    Wowowow that's a serious board here !
    Can't wait to be able to press the "order" button 😄

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    How do you make all those interfaces work together in mysensors?

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    Interesting board with interesting shape 👏 Excelent work as always!

    This is a real task in theory I think. But I can't imagine how to achieve stable work today with buggy Espressif SDK in which most of functions are in "known issues and missing features" section 😒

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    @Koresh thx!

    With a powerful mcu 😉
    I agree with koresh about state of esp32 dev but imho it's going fast, and there are already plenty of raw arduino examples.
    that said it's already a while, since december if i'm not wrong, that we have some basic esp32 stuff working at Core Team (thx to @tekka, collaborating with me on this project 🙂 ).
    But, using all these interfaces at same time won't be available until major release because as you know for the moment Mysensors only allows one transport layer at a time, so a major refactor.

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    That's why I was asking why you put all those interfaces together, I was wondering if I missed something new 😄
    If the gateway was working with all those interfaces we would all be very happy! 😄

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    @gohan exactly what i've thought when i started this project 🙂

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    Can it recognize gestures, like you briefly mentioned in the introduction?

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    @NeverDie no but it can be easily added with an extension board from aliexpress, or a custom board on the centered MYSX connector.
    I started from the board i mentioned, "sort of mote" with everything onboard, ring, gesture, atsamd21 etc. but i thought i could make things more modular for improving a bit assembly cost in case, and i have added more features thx to esp32 mcu. IT's now a bridge
    For gesture i'll have something, but that'll be for my other "node" project.

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    just to keep you up that everything is going very well. I'm a bit late on releasing but i preferred that people don't order it if there were some mistakes.
    Last piece to check is CAN bus. and then it's ok 😉
    and @tekka ... as usual, impressive 👍
    Imho, HALO is a little beast 😋

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    I'm actually adding "last minute" features (so the delay) without increasing board size.
    Features like:

    • one more RFM radio footprint : so we could do more combo. Like 1xRFM95 + 1xRFM69 or 2xRFM etc, plus the NRF24 and ESP32 of course!
    • switching NRF24 smd to NRF24 PA
    • 3x sma connectors
    • extension board for Ethernet if possible
    • etc

    See you soon with good news i hope 🙂

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    @scalz said in 💬 HALO : ESP32 multi transport GW/Bridge for Mysensors:

    • switching NRF24 smd to NRF24 PA

    Do you mean SMD PA LNA or through hole ?

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    on the proto board, it is nrf24 low power, smd version, actually. Works ok here but for better perf, i'm planning to use the PA/LNA through hole version with sma connector.
    So far (but not digged a lot) i've only seen PA smd modules with ipex (but would be better if i could fit sma) or chip antenna (lol). Are you thinking to an other reference, or have a favorite module??

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    @scalz said in 💬 HALO : ESP32 multi transport GW/Bridge for Mysensors:

    So far (but not digged a lot) i've only seen PA smd modules with ipex (but would be better if i could fit sma) or chip antenna (lol). Are you thinking to an other reference, or have a favorite module??

    This work quite well with the IPX PA+LNA SMD modules

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    @scalz I have those with chip antenna , soldered one board but didn't try it yet.
    I also noticed this week that my local shop sells low power smd version with a PCB antennad design similar to the one used in ESP12F which is pretty good. I will order next week and test the range. They have the same pad footprint than the SMD PA LNA (GND pin moved opposite side from VCC) so I could be interested in keeping this footprint for those leaving in appartments and that don't need a long range.
    I have a 130sqm appartments and I have few packets losses only despite very thick (30cms) concrete walls, using only basic nrf24 modules at the moment. So I will only need a bit of improvement to have perfect reception everywhere, if it can be done with the 3€ PA LNA with chip antenna or 2€ module with improved antenna it's great for me.
    Blasting my messages to the 350 other appartments in my building doesn't sound like a safe option 😄

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    thx for feedbacks.

    @Nca78 oki. noted! To be sure, are you talking about these modules ?

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    @scalz yes these are the ones.
    And they have versions with external antenna connectors also, amplified and even non amplified.

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    They look genuine, where did you buy them?

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    yes in theory they are genuine as they claim to buy the chip from Nordic. you can find those modules at ali or ebay. just search for the module ref you need.

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    @gohan so they claim but at less than 2$ for one module I have doubts...
    Check on the website they have a "sample" button or "order sample", it links to the module on their ebay shop, they use it for selling samples.

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    I think I'll still go for the Itead ones then

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    @scalz how is the project going?

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    Hi Scalz,

    is it possible that you share the schematic ? Im Interestet mostly which Pins you uses to the "? mysX ?" Connector...

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    @ranseyer if you mean the mysx connector itself, the pins are available at https://www.mysensors.org/hardware/mysx

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    @mfalkvidd : Thats correct, but im working on a pin assignment (for STM32 and) ESP32... Mybe its a goot idea to open o new thread for that...

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    I'll update asap my projects (new designs&more features, softwares etc.). I've been quiet but not inactive 🙂
    I just need to rethink how I'll share all of this because there is quite lot of stuff.. (interesting imho). I hope you'll like them.

    @ranseyer said in 💬 HALO : ESP32 multi transport GW/Bridge for Mysensors:

    @mfalkvidd : Thats correct, but im working on a pin assignment (for STM32 and) ESP32... Mybe its a goot idea to open o new thread for that...

    I agree with mfalkvidd, you can take a look at myxs definition. Your pin assignment doesn't have to be the same as mine.. these mcus (STM32 and ARMs, esp32 etc) are flexible, you should check the datasheet 😉

  • Have you tried some of the examples to run the gateway? I recently tested ESP32

    Sketches in examples do not work in a sheaf of ESP-RF24

    Board downloaded from git hub Expessif

    I tested on NODE MCU32S

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    To anyone trying to help @berkseo: the problem has already been solved in a separate forum thread. You can access the solution at https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/9510/esp32-gateway-pinout

  • I'm not sure if this helps, but I can say, that the MySensorsGateway code works with ESP32 in principle.
    I have tested it with at least two different boards. One ESP32 from Heltec with an RFM95 (SX1276) on-board and one barebone board @ranseyer and myself have designed (picture attached).
    For the barebone which we have designed, I used the board definition Nodes32s in Arduino. The only thing which I have defined in the Gateway-Project was the CS/NSS (chip select pin) as it is not where the code expects it as default.
    So I had to add (bold line):
    // Enables and select radio type (if attached)
    //#define MY_RADIO_RFM69
    #define MY_RADIO_RFM95
    #define MY_RFM95_CS_PIN 17

    After that, I got success messages in the serial output:
    19 MCO:BGN:INIT GW,CP=RLNGF---,VER=2.3.1-alpha
    23 TSF:LRT:OK
    24 TSM:INIT
    25 TSF:WUR:MS=0
    40 TSM:READY:ID=0,PAR=0,DIS=0
    3636 GWT:TPC:IP=
    3640 MCO:BGN:STP
    3642 MCO:BGN:INIT OK,TSP=1
    3644 GWT:TPC:IP=
    3697 GWT:TPS:TOPIC=mygateway1-out/0/255/0/0/18,MSG SENT

    I know, you don't use the RFM95 but I guess it should work also with other radio's

    board I use from ranseyer:


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    I know I don't give news about this project.
    So, maybe I should show you few pics, just in case.. ,)

    First, I prefer to say, we can't share code for the moment..not very release-able.

    We are using completely custom code for this project. GW code is quite big, mysensors is an experimental version (sort of "v3"). Plus for all the features, sometimes it can need some tweaks in esp32 libs etc. for the moment, sw is still tied to this project&hw.

    That said we have lot of neat stuff working, hw choices changed a bit too.

    Here we go:

    • asynchronous
    • http webserver + websocket server
    • mqtt client
    • transport bridging
    • embedded webapp for UI
    • etc.
      Well I cannot make a list for the moment, there are lot of features.

    Concept is autonomous simple network without need of a advanced controller, or when linkto/controller is down, that you can control and debug from your phone or computer. With step by step configuration, inclusion etc for easy getting started.

    Pics of the app ?? Teasing ON!

    The app is realtime and very reactive. Responsive and mobile friendly. This is a single page app. written with Vue, no jquery. lightweight Bulma CSS

    I started to make some widgets.. there are also multiple filters for dashboard.

    It will also be possible to get infos about network, rssi, stats etc

    Lot of settings, I let you imagine them.. there are a few dedicated steps by steps too, handy for starters (like my family, friends..).

    It's also possible to see all logs, downloading them, updating app files etc.

    Teasing OFF, I prefer to keep some other nice features to show you later 😜

    don't ask for a release date plz, we're busy on lot of projects, but we'll try to do our best! stay tuned 🙂

  • @scalz
    Wow 😎

  • I'm also impressed, I'll certainly observe this project(s). Especially because the base of my nodes is also ESP32 (see picture above)

  • @scalz Wow, that's amazing!

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    thx guys, always glad to hear.

    With this project, I don't intend to replace a rpi controller of course. I'm using one too.
    This was something I wished for a while, also wanted nice tools (hw & sw) for debugging/using lot of transports.

    But more important, is family and friends, to easily get them started in HA. I think for the moment HA still looks a bit complicated for lot of people..often making people smile or looking at you with wide open eyes.

    Heard things like : "you're a crazy geek!" , "wow..well that's cool, sure, but I don't think I need this at home, or later maybe." "nice! but what I woud need is robot vacuum cleaner" 😄 "seems complex, what about privacy, hacking", "why do you want to datalog temperature, humidity.." 🤔

    I know lot of smart non computer people who don't have time to become sysadmin, use CLI tools, json, rpi linux, blablabla.
    Or even if everything is in place, they wouldn't have time to learn how to use controllers+UI..pity.
    Also would your wife be able to add a timer, plan an action, add a new node in network, know where to click? is it too complicated to use?! So don't ask them to setup or tune their HA with Nodered!
    In fact they are much more interested in something lean and easy to use. Like commercial products do!
    But often cloud, or chinese UI??, not opensource fw (you can't change behaviour of a switch button without a controller..) etc

    So to make this simple, my setup will work like this:

    • get a Halo GW of course 😉 and simply burn fw with a ftdi adapter. I'll prepare it for my friends. then it's simply a matter of wireless updates. No 'OS' updates, dependancies blabla simply a small file to update by air
    • same for a node.
    • with phone or computer, go to Halo UI app, and simply follow step by steps for first setup and pairing! I'm trying to make UI very easy to use.

    That's all, you now can interact with your network! no need to setup a rpi, nodered etc..

    Finally, "cherry on cake": I made a MySensors App+skill/action for Snips

    • buy or make a Snips voice assistant
    • download the MySensors Halo App for Snips from their app market (not published yet)
    • go to Halo gw UI and setup Snips

    Voilà you can voice control your MySensors network. Again no external rpi as controller. Only gw and snips device. Nothing complicated to use.. lean and low power 🍀
    Once you're used to it, then you can link the gw to a more powerful controller of course. it's a MySensors gw after all 😉
    I'll try to make a video of the setup.

  • @scalz: Once the PCB's are available, I'll order some here (as you mentioned you might earn a bit). I have once ESp32 RFM95/LoRa GW already which works, but I'll switch to your HALO GW once you provide the PCB's, the code and the 3D Print files.