• Hello,

    I would like to use the example sensor temperature and humidity but on an arduino uno.cela is it possible using the sduch of arduino mini pro and serving the same pins?
    In particular the connection of the radio module is it identical?

  • Arduino UNO can be perfectly well used. I use Arduino Uno for some of my mysensors. Connect VCC of the radio (NRF24L01+) to 3V3. Other pin numbers are the same.

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    Arduino uno and pro mini have the same processor and pins. Just watch out for voltage on pins on the radio modules

  • Thank you for your answers.

    I start my questions may be sutpid, starting from scratch it's not obvious.

    I installed the gateway on my DOMOTICZ in the log I have the following message:
    2017-08-08 14: 37: 41.984 MySensors: Gateway Ready ...
    2017-08-08 14: 37: 42.060 MySensors: Gateway Version: 2.1.1
    2017-08-08 14: 38: 21.462 MySensors: Gateway Ready ...
    I suppose it works correctly.
    I installed the RelayActualor example on an arduino pro mini card.
    Last night it worked properly.
    Today it is impossible to have the device in the list of devices of DOMOTICZ.
    I have to add the inclusion conector on the gateway and modify the parameters in the example but still no valid result.
    do you have an idea?

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    You need to be a little more specific: are you running the USB gateway sketch on the pro mini and domoticz is configured to use the USB gateway?

  • @gohan said in ARDUINO UNO:

    You need to be a little more specific: are you running the USB gateway sketch on the pro mini and domoticz is configured to use the USB gateway?

    oui j'exécutel'esquisse de la passerelle USB sur pro mini et domoticz et bien configuré pour utiliser la passerelle USB.
    la passerelle usb est bien dans les log de domoticz.

    y a t'il une procédure pour inclure un device?
    Hier j'ai eu de la chance il est apparu directement dans la liste des dispositifs de domoticz et il fonctionnait correcetment


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    Sorry, I studied French too many years ago... I can't understand it 😄

  • @gohan said in ARDUINO UNO:

    Sorry, I studied French too many years ago... I can't understand it

    Vous parlez Français?

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    No, Italian English and some Spanish

  • Yes I executed sketch of the USB gateway on pro mini and home automation and well configured to use the USB gateway.
    The usb gateway is well in the domoticz log.

    Is there a procedure to include a device?
    Yesterday I was lucky it appeared directly in the list of home automation devices and the functionality of the correction


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    I am still missing a piece: do you have one arduino as gateway and another arduino with the relay sketch or the relay is on the gateway?

  • I move slowly but surely.
    My installation is as follows:

    I do my tests on a second raspberry so as not to disrupt the home automation system that works perfectly.

    • An Arduino pro gateway mini radio NRF24L01 + USB FT232RL
      -An Arduino pro mini + radio module NRF24L01 + USB FT232RL + relay card
      -An Arduino Uno + DHT22.

    I now find my relay card in the list of Domoticz devices, the command is sent to the gateway but the relay of the relay card does not react. I think I have a problem with the radio and especially its 3volts power supply.

    The LEDs that are on the radio card never light ????

    I do not find in the list of devices to domoticz the probe temperature humidity.
    In the serial monitor of the card arduino uno temperature probe there is the following message:
    after that

    This sounds like error messages but I do not know how to interpret them


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    You need to look at the logs of both gateway and relay node to see what happen to the message.

    About the UNO, it looks like it is having some radio issues: or missing cap on the radio module, or it is out of range of the gateway

  • The gateway is 1 meter from the arduino The hardware is in test on my work table.

  • How do I get the LEDs on the radio card?

  • @Daniel-Ruiz any leds on a NRF board ??

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    @Daniel-Ruiz TX rx leds needs to go on the arduino. Did you put any capacitor on the radio vcc? Do you have any other radio module to try?

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    Bonjour Daniel,

    please use only English else it will limit your ability to get help, and ability for others to learn from your experience when reading this thread.
    For your questions problems:

    • there is no led on NRF24 radio, don't expect to see anything 🙂
    • you need a capacitor on each radio module as close as possible to the Vcc and GND pins of the radio. Minimum 4.7uF but it's usually better to put a bit more like 10uF especially with cheap radios. If you don't put it the noise from the power supply/usb port will make the radio unstable
    • It is possible that you have interferences between radio modules if they are too close, try to move modules and gateway away from each others and only keep on your desk the sensor that you are debugging
    • there is no need for inclusion button on Domoticz, as you have seen it, the new modules/sensors will be added automatically to the list of devices. What you have is clearly a problem of stability of the radio link

  • Hello everyone

    Now it works very well, after changing the capacitor 4.7mF by a 10mF.
    Thank you again for your help.

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