💬 Temperature-Humidity-Pressure Sensor

  • Just wondering if this has any advantages over say a BMP180 sensor. I can pick up a BMP180 from china for $1.37 from ebay. Hardly seems worth my time to build my own.

  • @dbemowsk It has a humidity sensor, the bare BMP180 doesn't.
    It would be more fair to compare it with the BMP280E, but these are less common / more expensive.

    If you don't want to sense humidity then no, it has no advantages as far as I can see.

  • @artag Got it. I missed that part. Thanks for the clarification.

  • The one chip U4 is high accurancy temperature and humidity sensor. I think its better temperature sensor than the internal temperature sensor of BMP180.

  • Advantage of this sensor is fast and easy installing by the non qualified personal. The sensor is designed for large agriculture facility with many greenhouses where is needed to be controlled temperature and humidity, the atmospheric pressure is for control the motor of air inlet and outlet. With help of the sensor installed outside the greenhouse provide information about positive/negative pressure inside the greenhouse.

    Finlay the software read accurate temp/humid value of the Si7021, and only atmospheric pressure of BMP180, the temperature sensor inside the BMP180 is used only by the sensor itself to provide accurate atmospheric pressure measurements.

    The sensor can be used also for home automation, and drone applications where is needed correction of the UAV barometric sensor compared to the ground barometric sensor, also humidity measurement can help the pilot to calculate more accurate flying time.

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